>> Monday, February 16, 2009

Lily hugged the black bag closer to her body and grinned. "Mine."

Jon shook his head and laughed, "I could say the same thing about the person holding the bag."

She ran palmed his cheek, "you're cute." She dove deep into the bag and lifted a silver wrapped package out. She squeezed it easily. "Mmm soft." She tugged apart the paper and pulled out silky black lace. Two pieces. "Damn," she held up the bra and then the skimpy thong.

"I'll be able to wear this back in London," she grinned.

"Like fuck you will." He didn't buy it for it to be wasted back in London. He bought it to be worn here. For his eyes only.

"It's gorgeous though Jon, although somehow I think it's more for you than me." She winked. She didn't mind though, she intended to use it exactly for that. She dug her hand further into the bag and pulled out a long slim box wrapped in red shiny paper.

"What can I say? I'm a selfish guy." He chuckled. He pulled his legs up to his chest as he watched her unwrap the second gift. He grinned when her eyes lifted and her lips curled into a smile.

"Jon –," she let the long silver chain run over her fingers down to the sapphire color stone set in a silver rectangle pendant. She plucked the matching ring, an over sized button shaped one that matched.

“You like?” he asked hopefully. Ever since he'd seen it in unique jewelers in Soho, he knew it was perfect for her. Elegant and very much her style.

“It's gorgeous, I don't know what to say.” She slipped on the ring on right hand index finger and held it up. “It's perfect, you've obviously been paying attention.” She could of picked the exact same set out for herself.

He lifted the chain from her hand and motioned her to turn away from him. He swept her hair aside and scooped the necklace around her, hooking the clasp into place. The pendant rested just above the dip of the valley of her breasts.

“When it comes to you, I always pay attention.” He kissed where he fastened the necklace and along her shoulders.

She closed her eyes as the heat of his body found hers. She was so relaxed, so at home in his arms. The old Lily, back in London at this point was hard to remember. The one that worked till sometimes till eleven o'clock at night and came home with just enough energy to drink a glass of wine and eat some dinner before passing out in bed, usually at the helm of her laptop.

It kept drilling back into her mind, the dread of leaving him behind again. For the first time in her life business didn't matter. He did.

“What are you thinking about LJ?” He whispered against her ear. She'd been silent for a few moments now.

She sighed,”nothing, just enjoying the moment Jon. You've spoiled me rotten.”

“Uh huh, but there is more...”

She opened her eyes and looked down into the bag, he was right there was still one more package left for her. It was small and square shaped. “Well well, look at that.” She picked it up and coyly she tore off the paper. Her eyes widened at what was left in her hands.

A small PDA device.

“Jon, what in the world is this?” she picked it up. There was nothing wrong with the one she already had.

He reached around her from behind and over her hands that cupped the device. “This my love, is how we are going to stay in touch.” He pressed the power button on.

She chuckled, “I've already got a perfectly good phone Jon....this looks complicated.”

“Well. It does, but the beauty of it is.” He reached behind him and tugged open his bedside draw. “I have one exactly the same, which means... we can sync our calendars and always know where we are and what the time is where we are.” He grinned, it had been a perfect solution to what they needed until they could work something more permanent out.

Syncing their calendars? He'd know all her personal information and where she was all the time? She wasn't sure how she felt about that. It made perfect sense why and his intentions were the only for the best.

“LJ?” She'd again gone quiet in his arms. The kind of quiet that he'd associated her awkward first dating stages.

“This is great.” It was a wonderful idea, and very sweet.”

“But--” he prompted.

She was being stupid, he'd put not only a lot of thought but money into this idea. “No buts, its perfect.”

He wrapped his arms tighter around her waist, his thumbs gently rubbing across her belly. “It will be easier, you know when you can't get hold of me and I can't get hold of you...or if I want to ring. I know you won't be in a meeting...”

She nodded. “I know, and you are right. It will be easier.” It would be, she just had to get over any niggling little feeling she had. Hell, it wasn't as if she had anything to hide from Jon and the fact he was willing to share his life with her so openly. She just wasn't used to it. That's all.

“Thank you Jon, this is all way too much. I love it all.” She picked up his hand and brought it to her lips.

“You're very welcome. Now...what do I get?” His breath was warm against the arch of her neck.

Her lips quirked at the edges. “Who says I bought you anything?” She teased.

“Oh I know you did, as long as it's not a t-shirt with 'I'm the shit,' across it.”

She chuckled, “No actually it's not. There's a bag in the upper cupboard in the spare room closet.”

“You hid it in there? Jesus, did you think I'd snoop that much.” He laughed when she rolled her eyes and pursed her lips together. “Alright, alright so I was before. I'll just go get it then shall I?” He swung himself off the bed and padded out the door.

It left Lily sitting there, the sheet still wrapped around her body holding on to the PDA. Her finger trailed lightly across the small screen. Least this way, Jon was right. They'd know not to disturb the other if they were heavily involved in work and had access to the 'gaps' in their schedules. She wished it didn't have to be like this but as long as they were living separate lives in separate countries. It would help them. She grinned when she scrolled through the menu and saw he's preset the world clocks to display on the front. Eastern Standard Time, and London Time.

Jon soon returned holding proudly the bag in his hands, “this the one?” He scooched across the bed back to his spot as she leaned back and nodded.

“Yup, Merry Christmas.” She leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips, his hand swept up her cheek and into her hair dragging her closer to him. His tongue grazed her lips as she parted them for him letting him taste her fully.

The scent of coconuts and beach drifted around him as her hair fell across his arms. He couldn't remember a time when he felt so at home with a woman. The last months of his marriage sure as fuck weren't anything to go on.

He finally pulled back, “mmm now that's what I call a Christmas present.”

“Fine, so you don't need this.” She reached for the large over sized charcoal bag he was holding but he tugged it back.

“Hell no, presents are presents. Seems a waste if you have already bought them.” He grinned broadly as he opened the bag and pulled out one of the gaily wrapped parcels.

“Go ahead then.” She pulled her knees up to her chest an watched him rip open the package.

Jon touched the soft leather and lifted the jacket up. “Oh LJ, what have you done?” The style was classic but not too shiny, a little battered. Just how he liked them.

“You like? I saw them advertised in London actually and thought you would look great in one. Plus it's got lining, on the inside. You know for when you come and visit and it's cold.” She winked.

He stood up and shrugged into the jacket. Damn, fitted like a glove too. “It's perfect and damn, it's so light. And doesn't look it.” She did good. Real good.

“You are meant to wear it with pants...” She licked her lips and looked down. “Not that I am at all complaining.”

Jon laughed and crawled back over to her. “C'mere you...” She squealed as he grabbed either side of her and wrestled her down. “Cheeky monkey...” He pressed a kiss to her lips, putting aside the fact she was leaving again within a week this was the best Christmas ever.



>> Friday, February 6, 2009

Lily rolled over and cracked an eye open, the bold red digits of his alarm clock became clear to read it was just after ten pm. She chuckled realizing they’d been out for a few hours. No wonder with the explosion of lust that happened just hours before. She sighed and stretched out with a small smile playing on her lips. Jon was lying flat on his back with his arm stretched out on the pillow where she usually cuddled under. The sheet rode low across his hips with the neat trail of hair leading beneath it. She grinned as she rolled in using her fingers to walk down the trail slowly.

He groaned and licked his lips, but his eyes remained closed. She hovered herself carefully over his body placed a kiss on his lips, dragging them across his chin and down his neck. The warm spicy smell of him followed her down his chest and navel. Tugging the sheet lower exposing him, she nipped her way down the deep curve of his V down on where his cock was resting against his thigh.

She curled her fingers around his length and brought the tip to her mouth. Using her tongue she slowly teased him. “Jon,” she whispered against the water soft skin.
He stirred, his hand reached out for her and his head lifted off the pillow when it didn’t find her.

“LJ, what are you--- oh shit,” he groaned jerking his head back into the pillow with a thud when she wrapped those pretty pink lips around his length.

Holy shit, she had turned into a little hussy. His hussy no less. He clutched for a handful of her corn silk hair, sifting it between his fingers as she worked the top of him. In seconds he’d gone from flaccid to throbbing.

She continued a gentle suckling motion keeping her lips clasped around him. He bucked against her grabbing for anything he could as she continued to inflict the, was it torture? Hell no. Sweet mercy.

Her spare hand cupped his sac, digging the tips of her fingers into the delicate skin causing him to cry out. “What the hell-“ he didn’t have time to think as the blood rushed from his head to his cock.

The familiar tightening of his muscles started to radiate across his body. He was near, and if she didn’t move he was going to, and he’d never before with her there.

“LJ, please –“he grasped for her shoulder but his fingers slid right of her silky skin when he felt her teeth lightly scrape against his cock. “Oh fuck,” he twisted but it was no use. When the hell did she become a sex vixen? He sank further back into cotton as his eyes slammed shut letting go. He couldn’t fight it any longer.

She let him ride out it out, feeling him shudder underneath her. She pulled away and wiped her mouth before licking her lips, a small devilish grin playing on them.

His eyes focused again on the woman on her knees down the bed looking decisively pleased with herself. He wiggled his finger at her to come back to him. “C’mere you.”

“What? You didn’t like it?” She teased as she lay across his side resting her chin on his shoulder.

He snorted, “It wasn’t a question of like more where the hell did that come from?” he chuckled tucking his arm around her shoulders pressing a kiss to her forehead.

“Santa, “she burst out laughing when his brow cocked.

“Better not have been” he said seriously.

“Miss Claus then, “she corrected herself while she drew lazy circles around his nipple with the tip of her index finger.

He stifled a groan. “Who are you and what have you done with my shy reserved girl?” he asked flicking her nose.

She rolled her body on top of his, the tips of her breasts teasing against the soft fur of his chest. “She’s gone and she’s never coming back,” her brows waggled. It was him that had made her that way. Sometimes it scared her, but for now she was embracing it.

He ran his hands down her back and over the high curve of her ass meeting her in a slow kiss. “Good, I happen to like this she devil woman.” His hands traced her sides all the way back up her body to her face as he deepened the kiss. His tongue toyed with hers and there was nothing rushed or urgent about this one. He was simply enjoying her.

“I don’t want you to go back.” It slipped out as he thought it.

She smiled into his mouth, “I don’t want to either. But I do have to, eventually.” She propped herself up on his chest and met his eyes. This was always going to be the hard part of the relationship and as they became closer, she knew it would just get harder to leave him not easier. And it was something she didn’t know how to prepare herself for.

Her startled blue eyes worried him, he couldn’t tell her to do anything and it wasn’t fair that she moved here just because he couldn’t move there with the kids.
“We’ll make it work though. I promise,” he wanted to reassure her of that. He would do whatever it took. There was no question of that, not now.

She sighed deeply into his lips. “It sucks though doesn’t it?” she asked sadly.

His lips curved into a warm smile. “It does suck, but we will make it work. I promise. Now are you finishing what you started, I was going to give you your Christmas present but news just in, you’ve been a naughty girl.”

She slapped his arm, “Meanie.”

His eyes stayed on hers as he couldn’t resist what came next. “However another one of those might seal the deal, ow!” this time the slap was harder.

“Feisty tonight aren’t we?” the fullness of her lips as they fell in a pout itched him to lave a kiss there.

“Alright alright, I’ll go get it. Did you want a drink? I’ve got some eggnog in the fridge, Mom dropped it over a few days ago.”

She rolled off him letting him sit up and nodded. “Oh would love some. Did you want me to help?”

He tapped his finger against her nose before kissing it. “Nope you stay right here and keep warm, I’ll be right back.” Jon reached for his robe and tied it securely around his waist before padding down to the kitchen.

Lily lay back and fluffed the covers around her tucking them under her sides. Maybe it really was time to start at least thinking about moving to New York. It’d be a long process and no doubt her father would need to be heavily involved. Maybe she’d float the idea when she next spoke to him after the holidays about business. Who was she kidding? He never stopped breathing it.

Jon soon reappeared with two mugs and a black designer bag. She sat up and relieved him of one and propped herself up against pillows. “Gimme,” she said excitedly.

He rolled his eyes, “You and I are going to need to talk about his new woman. She’s pushy. Oh wait, the old one was anyway. So that’s no different.”

“Go on, call it.” He could tell she was seconds from calling him a shit. She could never help herself. But she shook her head.

“Nope, I’m not going to.”

“You want to though don’t you LJ?” he asked settling himself down on the bed with the bag.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m fine.” She wasn’t letting him have the satisfaction this time.

He tucked the bag into his side and with a wicked grin he now shook his head.

“Admit it, or no presents.” He loved teasing her, the internal struggle between cool calm and collected versus snapping was all amusing to watch on her face.

“Jon, you’re ---“, ohh she saw his plan. Crafty wee bugger. He was going to trick her into it. “Oh you’re good.” She said taking a sip of the milky cinnamon foam. “God this is good.”

“Thank my mom for that one.”

“I will, when I meet her tomorrow.”

“So you don’t want your present then?” he asked innocently.

“Not if it’s on false pretenses, then no.” she said placing the mug on the bedside table carefully.

“Ok, then we’re good.” He went to place the bag on the ground but in one quick motion she reached out and snatched it from his grasp.


“Shit” she winked proudly.



>> Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jon's eyes widened as he took in the long tanned line of her, his cock springing to attention in his pants within seconds. Christ, the creamy curve of her hips to the mile long legs all wrapped in lace.

He shrugged out of his jacket letting it pool to the floor and reached out to cup her hips, steering her closer to him. "I think it might be time to unwrap my Christmas present" his brow waggled as he pressed his lips against her skin. Starting at the bottom of the line of neck he dragged his hand to her lower back pulling her in close. He inhaled her scent which was thick with mangoes and coconuts.

She twined her arms around his neck and closed her eyes, his face still cool against her warm skin from the cold elements outside. God, how she'd missed this so much. He nosed off her bra strap as he nipped along her shoulder revealing the water soft curve of her breast. He pushed her gently against the wall as he tasted her. Dragging the lace down further, the rosy pink tip of her nipple popped out and straight into his mouth.

"Oh god" she hissed leaning back against the wall lifting a leg up over his hip.

His tongue flicked over the tight nub as he sucked. Her groans pushed her hands further up into his hair, nails digging into his scalp. She always tasted so sweet. He twisted her so he could get better coverage as his mouth moved across her chest to the other breast. He flicked out his tongue wetting the lace puckering the nipple underneath.

He ran his hands down her lower back and over the curve of her ass, pulling her closer again. He wanted more, he wanted all of her. She was right, it had been too long. Too damn long.

He kissed up her neck, letting his tongue glide over her neck. The fluttering of her pulse under his tongue sent his own racing. He lifted the other leg around his waist and cupped her ass as he carried her. "No walls tonight."

She held on tight twisting the ends of his hair in her fingers at the bottom of his nape. She chuckled into kiss as she deepened it letting her tongue slide into his mouth. Each step he took up the stairs her body arched higher into him. He arrived at the bedroom and dropped her down gently before following her on his knees. She had next to no time to breathe, let alone think before he was pressed up against her.

He felt the tug of his belt and then the snap of his jeans before they were discarded onto the floor with her help. She hooked her fingers under the hem of the top and lifted it up. "Off" she broke his kiss and lifted it up over his head before it was thrown aside.

He scooped her up, under her shoulders and pulled her up "I can't wait LJ, I can't…" he was on his knees as he lifted her and angled her down onto his cock. Her slick walls enveloped him clenching tight. He buried his face into her neck as she wound her legs tight around his waist and began to rock.

Her body was screaming for release. She clasped her hands around her neck as he angled her back letting her lean back as his fingers dug into her hips controlling the movements of his cock inside of her. She closed her eyes as the first orgasm punched through her shouting his name into the room.

Sweat slicked both of their bodies as he let her ride out the tremors. He was going to cum and cum hard. His sac was tight and the friction of her tight around his cock was driving him crazy. "LJ, hell…" he gripped her tighter as he spilled deep inside her.

She pulled his head close and kissed him hard, "more I need more Jon"

He chuckled, not so much the timid woman in the bedroom like she was once was. He pushed her back letting her hit the pillows. "Oh you're getting more. Trust me on that." He dipped down, his lips scraping down the high arch of her neck to the long line of body.

Her fingers wound through his hair as he sucked and nipped his way down her, across her breasts stopping again at the peak to sip. "Oh shit," her body already riled and tender convulsed under him. Shit.

Her creamy skin was for the taking, he left no curve untouched. "Jon…" her toes curled tight into the sheets as he made his way lower down her body. He chuckled against her thigh when her hands on his head were nudging him into centre.

He paused and looked up, "getting a bit pushy now aren't we?" the grin twitched on his lips as he stilled above her.

She groaned and threw her head back "Jon!—you’re—"

"I know, I know, I'm a shit. Don't need to tell me that love" he nosed into her hood and breathed in her sweet scent. Already wet and primed she was ready for his tongue. Strong slow strokes jolted her body above him. He pressed the knuckle into the tight knot and rubbed while he lapped up her juices.

"Oh god yes… oh shit" her breathing heaved as she let him fall into a rhythm beneath her. Her body quaked again and she lost control. His mouth pushed harder into her heat before she had a chance to come down. Fuck, she was going to fall off the edge all over again. She screamed into the room as white flashes zinging through her brain.

Her hands left his head and she fisted her hands into the sheets as he crawled back up her. His eyes danced with satisfaction as he lightly kissed her. She could taste the heady flavour of herself as he pushed again, his tongue finding hers. She was done, but he wasn't.

He lifted a leg and kissed the inside of her calve before dropping it onto his shoulder and moving forward. She cried out when he filled her again. She pushed away the sweaty hair that framed his face and held his cheeks as he drilled her deep.

She was a complete mess under him, but so was he. It'd been too long without her like this and he didn't ever want to go that long again. Slow, deliberate thrusts kept him in time with the long kisses the shared. "I need --- I need….." she squeaked into his mouth.

He pushed his knuckle back down into her clit and circled as she let go once again. He kissed away the tears that rolled away from eyes and pressed his forehead against hers. His own orgasm ripped through his body as she held him tight.

Sealing it with a kiss, he slumped down and onto the bed twisting her with him. The sheets were cool against his skin slathered in sweat. "Oh LJ" he grinned into her the top of her head as she burrowed into his chest. "You've turned into a hussy."

She had no energy to even fight the quip, she sighed and let her body settle against his. One thing had become obvious here, even with the time apart it had become more intense if that was even possible. She was drained. Period.

"I love you" she murmured letting her fingers curl around the fine warm hair on his chest. And she did, like no one else she’d ever met in her life. This was all new for Lily.

"Ditto LJ…" and fucked if he knew how he was going to let her get back on a plane now. pulled her closer letting that worry float to the back of his mind. “Merry Christmas.”

She chuckled “Merry Christmas to you too.” She needed to sleep, she’d planned on showing him just how much she’d changed with him but he’d exhausted her. She smiled drifting off to sleep. She’d just have to save it for later.



>> Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lily groaned into the pillow the next morning, the ache in her neck creeping up into her head. She rolled over, still keeping her eyes firmly shut as she found Jon's heat. She rested her cheek against the soft fibres of his chest and sighed.

His arms tightened around her and his lips pressed a kiss to her forehead, hell her skin was on fire. "You ok LJ?" he pulled back and looked down at her still sleepily against him.

God, it was an effort to even answer him. Her shoulders ached and her body felt heavy. "I think your cold has finally caught up with me" she burrowed further into his chest. They’d spent the night in front of the fire till the wee hours of the morning talking and just relaxing in each other’s company.

Jon couldn't help the chuckle that came out "We are a likely pair aren't we? First I'm sick and now that I'm actually feeling better you're not". His head was clear and he felt well rested. Right on Christmas too. "Well maybe you can drink some more of your ass tasting tea…" he teased.

She snorted lightly "You're going to get it. I can't move"

"It's ok. I can be your bitch today. I've got to pop out myself for a bit but then I'll be back to wait on you hand and foot." He ran his hands down her back as she settled into him. He inhaled her hair. Even through sleep and sweat the coconut mango smell of her was there.

“It’s Christmas tonight” he grinned into he hair.

“Aren’t we supposed to be going somewhere?” remembering Jon telling her he had had plans before she arrived.

“We don’t have to – besides now you’re here I don’t want to go anywhere. You might get your Christmas present early. But there is a condition” he chuckled. She was at home so well here. Dammit, how was he going to let her leave this time.

“If you say I’m not getting it till we’ve slept together…I’m going to pound you into the ground” she knew how his mind worked.

He laughed “I’d like to see that happen, not that I don’t believe you can kick my ass. I’m sure you can. I’ve seen the spike on some of your heels… and that nail file is pretty sharp. “Hey!” he exclaimed as her elbow dug into his ribs. “I’m just sayin.”

“I’m hungry.”

“Well then milady what would you like for breakfast?”

“Tea and toast please. Normal tea that is” she corrected him before another smart ass remark about her flu-herbal tea.

“So you don’t want your delicious menthol leaf thing then?” his mouth quirked in a smirk.

“Jon, get me the damn tea and toast… please”

He snorted “Now look who’s grumpy” he said kissing the top of her head one more time before shifting from her grip and pulling on a pair of track pants. “Do you admit your tea tastes like ass?” he asked as he walked to the door. He turned around just in time to duck the pillow that was hurtling towards him.

“And that’s a yes” he said proudly as he made his way downstairs to prepare her breakfast. While the kettle boiled he made a few calls. To his mom, and his kids. Tomorrow was Christmas Day and obviously Lily would be meeting the family for the first time. He wanted to make sure it all went smoothly. He was taking Jesse and Steph out this afternoon, so he’d make sure to have that “talk” with them again.

He went about making the tea and on his second attempt the toast was done after the first lot was thrown black into the trash. It was his turn to run after her, but he didn’t mind. He carried the tray back into the bedroom and helped her sit up against the pillows.

“Do you want some medicine? Remember don’t take too much, you might pass out like I did” he chuckled. “And here I thought it was daytime medicine”.

She rubbed her eyes with the heel of her hand “That’s because you took the night-time stuff instead of the daytime stuff Jon” she nodded towards his bedside counter.

He picked up both bottles, the Nyquil clearly emptier than the daytime bottle. “Son of a –well, shit. That explains things”

She tucked the sheets around her as she held her tea taking a long sip “So just think, if you had taken the normal stuff you would of got laid” she winked.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and laughed “Where is Lily and how can I get her back? You’re getting quite a sharp wit on you… and I don’t like it” he lifted a strand of her hair behind her ear. Even pale and sleepy she was every bit as sexy as the first time he’d seen her on that beach. Damn.

She took a bite of the toast smeared in honey “You bring it out in me, I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to you”

“If that were so we’d of had sex by now” he waggled his brow and then held up his hand “I know, I know. I’m a shit. No need to tell me again” he moved over and lay out beside her his elbows propped behind his head.

Lily shook her head “Least you know your place”.

“So you’ll be ok while I head out this afternoon?”

She nodded and finished the last corner of her toast “Yeah, I’m just going to sleep a bit. I feel a bit better already, probably just the excitement and jetlag catching up. I’ll be fine…but you can still keep running after me.”

“Good, because we can’t be sick at Christmas…and I want to see what else you bought from that place” his eyebrow cocked as his lips curved up.

“I just bet” she settled the cup back on the tray and leaned back and closed her eyes.

“What are you thinking?”

She kept her eyes closed and smiled “Just how nice this is.” He’d given her a key to his apartment. It seemed right as well. The small flicker of the desire to start her own advertising business here in New York away from the St James brand had started to burn again. As much as she loved her job and London was her mother’s baby. She wanted her own accomplishment.

But was she even ready to commit to someone full time? Lily hadn’t done this in a long time. Something about Jon made that thought seem less scary.

“I couldn’t agree more. You’ll have to come more often now, that you have a key” he winked.

“You might regret that. I might just turn up at all times of the night… when you’ll be sleeping…entertaining…your lady friends” she raised her brow at him.

Jon clicked his fingers “Damn, I’ll have to be more careful about those hookers in the future”

She punched the side of his arm “Damn right you will be. You’ve seen my angry side. You don’t want to get on that side of me. You might not like it”

“True. Good thing I have the one woman I want then.”

She met him in a kiss, light on the touch but heavy on the emotion. “Now go get your things done. It will be crazy out there otherwise.”

“Alright – go back to sleep.” He shimmied off the bed and let her snuggle down before taking the empty dishes away. He showered and shaved before grabbing his coat and slipping out into the eve of Christmas, lined with snow.


She slept a good few hours, as she woke stretching feeling a lot better than this morning. Dayquil really does work. The time was after four in the afternoon. As she snuggled back down into the covers she watched the snow falling outside. What was better in the world watching snow fall when you were wrapped up in a big old blanket safe and warm? She glanced at the empty side of her bed. Ok, so having him here with her would be.

She finally got up and had a long hot shower before slipping into her robe and heading to the living area. She looked up as Jon had closed the door behind him, his blond hair windswept across his face and snow dusted his shoulders.

“Hey you’re up? Feelin better?” he asked.

She twisted the knot at her belt and let it fall loose. Jon gulped as the peek of deep red scalloped lace caught his eye.

“Uh huh”



>> Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jon rolled over mashing his face further into his pillow, he stretched out his arm reaching for her but all he could find was legs. He frowned and cracked open his eyes. Lily was sitting up in bed with her knees up to her chest filing her nails. The rather delicious lemon lace bra she was wearing made his eyes focus quicker.
He grinned and stroked up her calf “Hey there” his head was fuzzy and light, but his body was relaxed and sated. As it should be after all good sex should be.

“Hey” she said replied blowing on her nails before scraping the file back along the tips of them.

He actually couldn’t remember doing it, damn stupid cold medicine. But he wasn’t about to admit that to her. He yawned and stretched his arms above his head glancing at the clock radio.

“Holy it’s ten pm?” he asked, where the hell did the time go?

“Yup” was all she replied as she held up her hand into the light to examine it.

“Aw hell. Sorry you must of worn me out” he pulled himself up, tugging the sheet with him.

She still wasn’t looking at him, he checked under the sheet. Yep, Naked. Check.

Lily placed her file on the nightstand and turned to Jon she flicked the top of his head.

“Ow!” he frowned “What was that for?”

“I would have worn you out if I’d had the chance before the Dayquil induced coma kicked in” she huffed and leant back. She couldn’t believe it. They’d just started to make out in the bed, his hands all over her skin at last and bam. He fell limp in her damn arms.

Jon’s eyes went wide and he slapped his hand over his mouth “I didn’t” oh god he so did. Fucking hell. He started to chuckle but stopped when her face didn’t change from the disgusted look. Not even a twitch of a grin from those full lips he wished were all over his body right now.

He reached out and grabbed her knee “Oh come on LJ I’m sorry. Look I’m awake now” he leaned in letting his mouth slide across her shoulder and dip into the hollow by her neck. But she didn’t flinch.

“You had the chance, I was ready to put all snot infested thoughts aside and you blew it, so now Mr Bongiovi...” she turned to face him and tapped him on the nose with her file.

“I’m not in the mood now, you can wait till Christmas” then it came. The smirk he expected from his own lips, was on hers. Well fuck me.

He groaned feeling his cock twitch under the covers “You can’t be serious”
She relished the look on his face, it was too easy to play with him. Far too easy. His blue eyes were wide and his lips parted as his jaw dropped in horror. “Do I look like I’m kidding?” she asked pressing her lips together.

He flopped back into the bed and moaned “I hate you” he grumbled. He chuckled to himself. She’d changed so much since they’d been together. She was hilarious. And he took great pride in knowing she was his, he’d made her that way.

“I could change it till new years if you’re not careful” she said nonchalantly as she slipped her file back in the draw.

Jon’s eyes narrowed “You wouldn’t dare” she challenged him with a raised brow. He scooped back the sheets and swiped a clean towel off the basket on the floor. “You know what? Fine” he stood completely naked in front of her and motioned down his body “You think you can wait till Christmas for this? Let’s see you try. I don’t believe you. I’d like to see you try and resist this” he was tempted to shake his cock at her but just walked towards the bathroom for a hot shower, or maybe it was to be cold.

“Alright” she smiled and knew it would be driving him crazy not to get the same frustrated reaction from her right now.

He growled and slammed the door behind him. She couldn’t help but laugh and fall back onto the pillows. She loved this. The Tom Foolery between them. He may have known how to get to her and make her a pile of mush in his arms. But she knew how to wind him up, oh so easily. She sighed and reached out for his pillow which still smelled like eucalyptus from the rub he’d been using and the faint smell of him. Why couldn’t they live in the same city? It was going to be so hard to go back without him.

Once she heard the shower faucet crank off she stood and found her robe, they hadn’t eaten. Her belly growl thirty minutes ago reminded her of that.

He came out of the shower with a towel cinched at his waist, deliberately slung low.
He raised his eyebrow “Still here?” he tried not to look down her body, the lemon bra had a matching robe had she tanned since he’d last seen her? All those delicious curves looked better. Fuck.

“Still cranky?” she matched him.

He relaxed in the door frame not letting her pass, but motioned to her to come to him. She took a step towards him. He drew his arms around her waist and pressed a kiss to her mouth “Mmm” he groaned as the kiss deepened. His tongue slid under her upper lip finding access to her mouth. She wound her hands around his neck as she arched into him.

All the soap and fresh smelling male was distracting her, and the don’t give in part of her plan was starting to crack. His hand slid around to the back of her neck and the other one past the entrance of her robe finding the heat of her skin inside.

“LJ” she swallowed her name in her mouth as the kiss went from smooth to white hot. Her fingers laced through his hair as she plunged deeper inside of him. She had to pull back now, or she really would give in. But the low grumble of her belly bet her too it.

He laughed into her kiss “Someone’s hungry, not just for food either” he teased.
She let her fingers slide onto his neck as she pulled away an inch “You’re a shit did you know that?” she whispered.

“Ah yes, but your shit no less” he waggled his brows. She buried her head on his shoulder as he held her tight. Hers. That part still rattled her brain. But it felt right.

“Go on, go get some dinner organized unless of course you’re staying here and we’re going to end up in there?” he tried his luck.

She smoothed her hand down his chest “Uh uh. Nope, not till Christmas. Nice try though sport” she grinned as she turned on her heel and made her way down to the kitchen. A small smile played on her lips as she did. She hugged her arms around her body and grinned watching the snow on the evening sky falling hard. What a Christmas it was shaping up to be.


Jon pulled on some loose track pants and a gray ribbed collared top before joining her downstairs. Finally his cold was loosening up and he could think like a normal person again. He pulled something out of the draws and jogged down the stairs, she’d cranked the gas fire on and was busy clanging around in the kitchen. “Need a hand?” he called.

“No just make sure I’ve set the fire right and I’ll be right there”

He checked the temperature and then selected some Christmas music, in the soft tones of Nora Jones for the background. She came back in balancing the tray with two mugs of eggnog with cinnamon sprinkled on top and a plate of frosted cookies.

“This looks nutritious” he joked scooching over on the couch for her. She placed the tray down and sat beside him tucking her knees underneath her.

He stopped her when she went to reach for her mug “Wait, I’ve got something for you” he handed her a small black velvet box.

“Jon, it’s not Christmas yet... are you trying to seduce me?” she asked suspiciously taking the box. She wouldn’t put it past him.

He laughed “No, and it’s not your present more of a gesture” he winked as he snagged one of the mugs and leaned back.

She flipped open the case and grinned, the glint of a silver key caught in the fire. “Is this to your chastity belt?” she asked.

He choked on the creamy foam and snorted “Oh god, no... LJ....Jesus” he laughed placing the cup back down. “It’s to my apartment. I want to give you a key to use at anytime. You know just in case”.

She closed the box and placed it back on the table. She knew what it implied; he would never rush her to make that decision to permanently move her, and who knows one day she might. But this was a beautiful gesture. She took his hand and brought it to her lips. “I’ll keep it close, always... Just in case”.



>> Friday, January 9, 2009

She’d been called out again but this it was for work. Her father had called in a small favor knowing she was in New York. It saved him a across the country trip from Los Angeles so it was beneficial for the company Lily doing than him flying here himself. Normally she didn’t mind as this was her company as well but unlike her father she actually wanted some time off at Christmas since she now had Jon.

He’d been almost surprised when Lily snapped at him, as never in five years had she be grudged work. He was pleased she had found someone to at least socialize outside work with, and was eager to meet him. The longer than moment was away from happening, the better. She adjusted her tote as she paced down Madison Ave.

It was two days out from Christmas and Jon lay limp with his arms and legs strewn on the couch. His cold seemed to be here for its regular five day course like all colds he was unfortunate to catch. It was two days out from Christmas and he couldn’t even believe Lily had been here two days and they’d just slept in the same bed. There had to be some law against that as it was ridiculous. He deserved a medal that’s for fucking sure.

His gaze wondered out to the Grey sky, the odd snowflake falling today. He was getting used to having her around didn’t know how he was going to let her go back to London again. They’d agreed to do the long distance thing and they could easily. He had his own jet for god’s sake. But it would get tiring. He was lucky enough that he had some time coming up off, apart from an acoustic show he was planning and a couple of other things.

Lily wouldn’t rush into anything. Jon knew that. If he asked her to move here she wouldn’t least right now. She had too much in London to stay for. He picked at the fabric on the arm of the chair absently. Least they had this Christmas together. He couldn’t complain and he got the chance to spoil her rotten. It had been while since he had felt the urge to.

His jewellery he had custom made for her was completed, the pendant and matching over sized ring in the style she always wore. But he had another idea he wanted to pursue, but just wasn’t sure how to go about it.

He’d flipped through every channel from ESPN to the damn history channel. Why was it that no matter how many channels you had, sometimes there was never anything to watch? He sighed and leaned back. Christ he was bored.

He patted around rescuing his cell phone from falling into the depths of the couch. He jammed her name in with his thumb and hit send .

“Aren’t you meant to be resting?” He chuckled as he imagined that stern business like look etched on her face that he knew he could dissolve in an instant.

“I’m bored, are you nearly done?” he asked hopefully.

Her light laugh came across the phone “You’re hopeless. You know that don’t you?”

“Well there’s nothing on damn TV, I can’t be bothered going to get my laptop to do any work”

“Well you shouldn’t be working anyway Jon. It can wait for a few days”

“The kids rang, they want to see me but I’ve put that off till tomorrow so there’s less risk of spreading this thing. I’m surprised you’ve not caught it” he curled his fingers around his neck as he rubbed it.

“Well I’ve tried not to. I’m drinking some ghastly smoothie at the moment that’s jam packed with flu busting stuff... Delicious stuff”

“Just like your tea” he grumbled.

“Hey now it made you feel better now didn’t it?”

“It tasted like ass with honey in it”

“Jon! Jesus, look I’m going to be home soon. Think you can last another half an hour. I’m almost done with Dad’s stuff. Do you want anything?” she asked.

He let a lopsided grin break on his lips but before he could say anything she spoke.

“Besides the obvious that is”

“Oh no come on, don’t you find me desirable anymore? You’ve been here two days and we haven’t done anything past snuggling and kissing... am I not irresistible?” he pouted.

“Oh you are, that river of snot and the way you clear your throat just before you kiss me...every woman’s dream Jon”

“Ok ok... I know but Jesus LJ I can only keep my hands off you for so long” he rolled over tucking the phone into the crook of his neck “I want to do very bad things to you...” his voice dropped into the huskiness of his cold.

And she wanted to do very bad things to him; she closed her eyes and leaned back against the lobby wall listening to the croon of his voice come through her phone. She closed her eyes, her feet were pulsing inside the leather of her heeled boots. Her body was fighting off an infection, she just knew it. She’d been taking everything she could not to get sick but between all the heavy rushing around she was beat.

“So do I Jon but I want you to enjoy it, and” she shivered “I don’t want your snot all over my body. She chuckled.

“I’m getting better honest” he said “I’ve taken lots of medicine today” he said proudly.

“How much?” she asked suspiciously since it was loaded with alcohol and plenty of other stimulants.

“A little more than usual... but I feel great” he chirped. Typical man, one minute they’re dying and the next they’re fine. Especially if sex is on the cards.

“Alright well we’ll see” she said “I need to go – are you sure there is nothing that you want?”She asked slipping her free hand into her pocket and turning to face the street. Snow had started to fall starting to blanket across the pavement.

“No just you, hurry home. I’m boreeeeed” he whined.

“Alright, alright I’m comin’” she said pulling the door open bracing herself for the icy blast of air to hit her.

“Yeah you will be after I finish with you”

“What?” her brows rose as she laughed thinking her ears had deceived her.

“Just hurry and be safe” was the last thing she heard when the heavy roar of the plow went past her and she lost the call. She tucked it back into her purse and with the click of her boots hurried back down the pavement.

It was a little over an hour when she finally arrived back at apartment. She’d wanted to get something for Jon’s kids, even though they’d never met she felt like she should. It was never easy when your parents started dating new people. Even Lily knew that, and her father had only three years ago since her mom died. She’d decided on a mini make-up kit for Stephanie and some toy cars for Jesse. It was done, Christmas shopping was completed.

Her skin was clammy and cold by the time the lift doors pinged open. She hurried inside and dropped her keys and bags again on the couch. “Jon?” she answered by silence.

She shrugged out her coat and made her way up the stairs, a soft glow leading her to the master bedroom. He must be reading and resting. Finally.

She stopped at the door frame as her eyes went wide, her hand slapped against her mouth. She never expected this.

The room was dotted with tea light candles that made the room glow with a soft amber. Jon, was sprawled across his Californian King, a sheet slung low across belly. Propped up against the pillows with his arms folded behind his back his left brow arched matching the devilish grin that spread across his lips.

“Welcome home”

Her hand reached for her throat, not sure whether it was to make sure her heart didn’t leap from it. His body was all there, exactly the way her hands remember it. Every muscle definition visible in the candlelight.

“Take your clothes off Lily, you know you want to” he patted the empty space beside him.

She reached for her buttons on her shirt and walked forward kicking off her boots “Damn right I do”



>> Friday, January 2, 2009


Lily jammed the key into the door. It was a little after one pm. Armed with bags from the deli and other assorted packages she made it into the living area where she expected there again to be silence. But Jon sat on the couch with his feet out on an ottoman and a box of tissues tucked under his arm. She dumped the packages on the chair.

“Hey honey I’m home” she grinned. The small smile on his lips was telling, and Claire had rung her while she was out to tell her that Jon had indeed called. “Have a good morning?” she asked innocently fishing deep into a brown paper bag to find the fresh tea she’d bought.

“It’s been pretty quiet, talked to the kids...did some email...that sort of thing” he said punching the remote with his thumb to mute the TV.

“Are they getting excited?” she asked. He wasn’t going to say about the call. Typical. She chuckled to herself.

He patted the couch next to him for her to join him “Yeah they are. Spoilt those kids will be, I tell you”.

She shrugged out of her coat and sat beside him “And whose fault is that?” she teased giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“I know, but it’s been just as hard for them since... well since the marriage ended so I try to make it up in all ways. And really just because I can” he grinned.

She hooked her arm into his and ran her fingers along his bicep “I am sure that they love you just all the same. It’s got to be a new adjustment for them... and then there’s me” she trailed off. She hadn’t really thought about the kids. Well of course she had, but now she was actually in New York and it was Christmas time it wasn’t going to be avoided.

Jon turned and pulled her in closer resting his hand on her shoulder tucking her under his chin. The smell of coconuts and mangoes made him sigh. “I’ve told them about you, so it’s fine. I know you haven’t had much to do with kids but it will be ok. They’re pretty easy kids and you don’t have to do a thing” he said pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

“I know, it’s not that. I just don’t want them thinking I’m here to replace anyone because I’m definitely not” she said quietly.

“It’s ok they know” Jon paused, her body had tensed under him.

“Do you want kids LJ?” he asked stroking the top of her hair.

It was her turn to sigh “I guess I’ve never thought about it, nor been in a position to think about it” she looked up catching his gaze “Did you want more kids?” she asked. She’d not really given it a lot of thought that he might. Well they’d only had been dating a few months in total and not all of that was time together.

His smile eased “Well I suppose again it’s not something I thought I would need to think about anytime soon...but I am always open to the idea. In a year or so?” his fingers trailed lightly down her jaw.

She smiled “Maybe. I don’t know how much of a good mom I can be though”

Jon chuckled and tugged her in even closer “You would do fine, you’ve got a very gentle nature about you... well most of the time” he teased. “Ow” he laughed as she pinched the side of his ribs.

“It’s you” she said quietly.

“What’s me?” he asked looking down at her.

“I never used to relax and be gentle...I didn’t know how to in some respects. That’s why Dad sent me to the Hampton’s to unwind and then I met you”

Jon grinned “Do go on”

“I’m different around you and when we’re close...I just I guess” she tried to explain without sounding like a moron.

“You relax around me, that’s what you’re trying to say and I know you do.” He leaned forward as his lips brushed her ear “It’s my favourite part of you knowing that only I can make you like this’re mine”

She felt the hairs on her arms prick up. His. Normally she’d want to freak out, she’d never been anybodies. But something, just something was comforting about being his.

She fingered at the opening of his robe and looked up meeting his gaze “If I know you, and I’m pretty sure I do by now, you love that you do that to me”

His brow quirked and a smile twitched at the corners of his mouth “Maybe I do but mostly...” mostly he loved how at ease she could be around him. That she felt comfortable enough to trust him “I just love you can be you” he whispered.

A smile broke on her lips, the kind that pinched your cheeks “I do love you Jon you know that right?”

He said nothing and brought his lips to hers, letting a moan slip from his mouth to hers. She swallowed it and shifted into him closer letting her hands ride up around his shoulders.

He pulled away, his blue eyes locked on hers “Do you love me enough that you’ll show me what’s in those bags?” he asked nodding in the direction of the chair where she’d dumped her shopping.

She chuckled and gripped his chin with her thumb and index finger, letting her lips touch his.

“Nope” she shut his mouth when his jaw dropped. “You have to wait like all good boys do” she lifted herself off him and dusted herself off “I need to have a shower and then I’ll get you some—“ she heaved her body forward as the sneeze screamed out of her.

“Lunch” she managed. She grabbed the bags and headed to their bedroom making sure to place them in a hiding place that he wouldn’t find before she could wrap them. She sighed as the warm water hit her, it wasn’t any wonder her nose had started running as well. But she wasn’t going to let it affect her.


Jon saw his chance and once the light hum of the water running in the plumbing filtered down he carefully climbed the staircase to their bedroom. She wouldn’t put them in her bag, that was too easy.

He searched under the bed, reaching under just to find a dusty sneaker he threw across the room. When he stood up the room moved, for a second and he grabbed the ledge of the tallboy to steady himself. “Damn cold” he muttered. He wanted the presents, he had to know. He hated surprises.

He stumbled to the spare room where a bed and a set of draws were, he rolled the top draw open and was amazed to see the pink striped bag he saw Lily holding just minutes ago. “Ah huh!” he carefully looked over his shoulder before unravelling the parcel careful not to tear the bag or leave any evidence that he’d been here.

“Aww man” he pulled a bunch of foiled covered chocolate Santa’s. “That’s it?” he asked tugging the draw out further but no that was it.

He pulled a Santa out of the bag and placed the rest back carefully just as he found them. “She’s playing with you Bongiovi” he mumbled peeling back the Santa and taking a bite. He heard the crank of the shower off so he quickly disappeared back downstairs. Damn it.

Lily dried herself off and changed before padding back downstairs to finish the tea she’d intended on making them. The way Jon was sitting innocently flipping through a magazine was amusing as she made the tea and carried the tray back to the living room where he was.

“This tea is meant to clear you out, sinuses everything” she said carefully pouring two cups.

“You’re having it as well?” he sniffed the cup she handed him “Because it smells delicious” he gritted his teeth as eucalyptus and menthol hit his nostrils. In his experience those two things smelt good, did not taste good.

She lifted her cup and was about to speak when she couldn’t help the snort escape her nose. He had a blob of chocolate at the corner of his mouth. He so looked.

“What’s wrong?” he asked screwing his nose up and taking a sip. Hell wasn’t that bad. Almost sweet.

“It’s called honey love, takes the edge of stuff like this” she winked. She leaned back in the chair and crossed her legs letting the aroma of the tea sink it. “Just like chocolate does” she grinned bringing the mug to her lips.

His eyes narrowed and he shrugged “Yeah I guess”

“You’re so bad” she teased before putting her tea down and joining him again on the couch.

“What have I done now?” he asked innocently. She couldn’t know could she?

Lily used her pinkie to swipe the chocolate from the corner of her mouth before wrapping her lips around it. “Mmm” she arched one brow.

“Damn it” he cursed as he sipped his tea. How the hell did she do that?


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