>> Friday, February 6, 2009

Lily rolled over and cracked an eye open, the bold red digits of his alarm clock became clear to read it was just after ten pm. She chuckled realizing they’d been out for a few hours. No wonder with the explosion of lust that happened just hours before. She sighed and stretched out with a small smile playing on her lips. Jon was lying flat on his back with his arm stretched out on the pillow where she usually cuddled under. The sheet rode low across his hips with the neat trail of hair leading beneath it. She grinned as she rolled in using her fingers to walk down the trail slowly.

He groaned and licked his lips, but his eyes remained closed. She hovered herself carefully over his body placed a kiss on his lips, dragging them across his chin and down his neck. The warm spicy smell of him followed her down his chest and navel. Tugging the sheet lower exposing him, she nipped her way down the deep curve of his V down on where his cock was resting against his thigh.

She curled her fingers around his length and brought the tip to her mouth. Using her tongue she slowly teased him. “Jon,” she whispered against the water soft skin.
He stirred, his hand reached out for her and his head lifted off the pillow when it didn’t find her.

“LJ, what are you--- oh shit,” he groaned jerking his head back into the pillow with a thud when she wrapped those pretty pink lips around his length.

Holy shit, she had turned into a little hussy. His hussy no less. He clutched for a handful of her corn silk hair, sifting it between his fingers as she worked the top of him. In seconds he’d gone from flaccid to throbbing.

She continued a gentle suckling motion keeping her lips clasped around him. He bucked against her grabbing for anything he could as she continued to inflict the, was it torture? Hell no. Sweet mercy.

Her spare hand cupped his sac, digging the tips of her fingers into the delicate skin causing him to cry out. “What the hell-“ he didn’t have time to think as the blood rushed from his head to his cock.

The familiar tightening of his muscles started to radiate across his body. He was near, and if she didn’t move he was going to, and he’d never before with her there.

“LJ, please –“he grasped for her shoulder but his fingers slid right of her silky skin when he felt her teeth lightly scrape against his cock. “Oh fuck,” he twisted but it was no use. When the hell did she become a sex vixen? He sank further back into cotton as his eyes slammed shut letting go. He couldn’t fight it any longer.

She let him ride out it out, feeling him shudder underneath her. She pulled away and wiped her mouth before licking her lips, a small devilish grin playing on them.

His eyes focused again on the woman on her knees down the bed looking decisively pleased with herself. He wiggled his finger at her to come back to him. “C’mere you.”

“What? You didn’t like it?” She teased as she lay across his side resting her chin on his shoulder.

He snorted, “It wasn’t a question of like more where the hell did that come from?” he chuckled tucking his arm around her shoulders pressing a kiss to her forehead.

“Santa, “she burst out laughing when his brow cocked.

“Better not have been” he said seriously.

“Miss Claus then, “she corrected herself while she drew lazy circles around his nipple with the tip of her index finger.

He stifled a groan. “Who are you and what have you done with my shy reserved girl?” he asked flicking her nose.

She rolled her body on top of his, the tips of her breasts teasing against the soft fur of his chest. “She’s gone and she’s never coming back,” her brows waggled. It was him that had made her that way. Sometimes it scared her, but for now she was embracing it.

He ran his hands down her back and over the high curve of her ass meeting her in a slow kiss. “Good, I happen to like this she devil woman.” His hands traced her sides all the way back up her body to her face as he deepened the kiss. His tongue toyed with hers and there was nothing rushed or urgent about this one. He was simply enjoying her.

“I don’t want you to go back.” It slipped out as he thought it.

She smiled into his mouth, “I don’t want to either. But I do have to, eventually.” She propped herself up on his chest and met his eyes. This was always going to be the hard part of the relationship and as they became closer, she knew it would just get harder to leave him not easier. And it was something she didn’t know how to prepare herself for.

Her startled blue eyes worried him, he couldn’t tell her to do anything and it wasn’t fair that she moved here just because he couldn’t move there with the kids.
“We’ll make it work though. I promise,” he wanted to reassure her of that. He would do whatever it took. There was no question of that, not now.

She sighed deeply into his lips. “It sucks though doesn’t it?” she asked sadly.

His lips curved into a warm smile. “It does suck, but we will make it work. I promise. Now are you finishing what you started, I was going to give you your Christmas present but news just in, you’ve been a naughty girl.”

She slapped his arm, “Meanie.”

His eyes stayed on hers as he couldn’t resist what came next. “However another one of those might seal the deal, ow!” this time the slap was harder.

“Feisty tonight aren’t we?” the fullness of her lips as they fell in a pout itched him to lave a kiss there.

“Alright alright, I’ll go get it. Did you want a drink? I’ve got some eggnog in the fridge, Mom dropped it over a few days ago.”

She rolled off him letting him sit up and nodded. “Oh would love some. Did you want me to help?”

He tapped his finger against her nose before kissing it. “Nope you stay right here and keep warm, I’ll be right back.” Jon reached for his robe and tied it securely around his waist before padding down to the kitchen.

Lily lay back and fluffed the covers around her tucking them under her sides. Maybe it really was time to start at least thinking about moving to New York. It’d be a long process and no doubt her father would need to be heavily involved. Maybe she’d float the idea when she next spoke to him after the holidays about business. Who was she kidding? He never stopped breathing it.

Jon soon reappeared with two mugs and a black designer bag. She sat up and relieved him of one and propped herself up against pillows. “Gimme,” she said excitedly.

He rolled his eyes, “You and I are going to need to talk about his new woman. She’s pushy. Oh wait, the old one was anyway. So that’s no different.”

“Go on, call it.” He could tell she was seconds from calling him a shit. She could never help herself. But she shook her head.

“Nope, I’m not going to.”

“You want to though don’t you LJ?” he asked settling himself down on the bed with the bag.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m fine.” She wasn’t letting him have the satisfaction this time.

He tucked the bag into his side and with a wicked grin he now shook his head.

“Admit it, or no presents.” He loved teasing her, the internal struggle between cool calm and collected versus snapping was all amusing to watch on her face.

“Jon, you’re ---“, ohh she saw his plan. Crafty wee bugger. He was going to trick her into it. “Oh you’re good.” She said taking a sip of the milky cinnamon foam. “God this is good.”

“Thank my mom for that one.”

“I will, when I meet her tomorrow.”

“So you don’t want your present then?” he asked innocently.

“Not if it’s on false pretenses, then no.” she said placing the mug on the bedside table carefully.

“Ok, then we’re good.” He went to place the bag on the ground but in one quick motion she reached out and snatched it from his grasp.


“Shit” she winked proudly.


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