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Jon's eyes widened as he took in the long tanned line of her, his cock springing to attention in his pants within seconds. Christ, the creamy curve of her hips to the mile long legs all wrapped in lace.

He shrugged out of his jacket letting it pool to the floor and reached out to cup her hips, steering her closer to him. "I think it might be time to unwrap my Christmas present" his brow waggled as he pressed his lips against her skin. Starting at the bottom of the line of neck he dragged his hand to her lower back pulling her in close. He inhaled her scent which was thick with mangoes and coconuts.

She twined her arms around his neck and closed her eyes, his face still cool against her warm skin from the cold elements outside. God, how she'd missed this so much. He nosed off her bra strap as he nipped along her shoulder revealing the water soft curve of her breast. He pushed her gently against the wall as he tasted her. Dragging the lace down further, the rosy pink tip of her nipple popped out and straight into his mouth.

"Oh god" she hissed leaning back against the wall lifting a leg up over his hip.

His tongue flicked over the tight nub as he sucked. Her groans pushed her hands further up into his hair, nails digging into his scalp. She always tasted so sweet. He twisted her so he could get better coverage as his mouth moved across her chest to the other breast. He flicked out his tongue wetting the lace puckering the nipple underneath.

He ran his hands down her lower back and over the curve of her ass, pulling her closer again. He wanted more, he wanted all of her. She was right, it had been too long. Too damn long.

He kissed up her neck, letting his tongue glide over her neck. The fluttering of her pulse under his tongue sent his own racing. He lifted the other leg around his waist and cupped her ass as he carried her. "No walls tonight."

She held on tight twisting the ends of his hair in her fingers at the bottom of his nape. She chuckled into kiss as she deepened it letting her tongue slide into his mouth. Each step he took up the stairs her body arched higher into him. He arrived at the bedroom and dropped her down gently before following her on his knees. She had next to no time to breathe, let alone think before he was pressed up against her.

He felt the tug of his belt and then the snap of his jeans before they were discarded onto the floor with her help. She hooked her fingers under the hem of the top and lifted it up. "Off" she broke his kiss and lifted it up over his head before it was thrown aside.

He scooped her up, under her shoulders and pulled her up "I can't wait LJ, I can't…" he was on his knees as he lifted her and angled her down onto his cock. Her slick walls enveloped him clenching tight. He buried his face into her neck as she wound her legs tight around his waist and began to rock.

Her body was screaming for release. She clasped her hands around her neck as he angled her back letting her lean back as his fingers dug into her hips controlling the movements of his cock inside of her. She closed her eyes as the first orgasm punched through her shouting his name into the room.

Sweat slicked both of their bodies as he let her ride out the tremors. He was going to cum and cum hard. His sac was tight and the friction of her tight around his cock was driving him crazy. "LJ, hell…" he gripped her tighter as he spilled deep inside her.

She pulled his head close and kissed him hard, "more I need more Jon"

He chuckled, not so much the timid woman in the bedroom like she was once was. He pushed her back letting her hit the pillows. "Oh you're getting more. Trust me on that." He dipped down, his lips scraping down the high arch of her neck to the long line of body.

Her fingers wound through his hair as he sucked and nipped his way down her, across her breasts stopping again at the peak to sip. "Oh shit," her body already riled and tender convulsed under him. Shit.

Her creamy skin was for the taking, he left no curve untouched. "Jon…" her toes curled tight into the sheets as he made his way lower down her body. He chuckled against her thigh when her hands on his head were nudging him into centre.

He paused and looked up, "getting a bit pushy now aren't we?" the grin twitched on his lips as he stilled above her.

She groaned and threw her head back "Jon!—you’re—"

"I know, I know, I'm a shit. Don't need to tell me that love" he nosed into her hood and breathed in her sweet scent. Already wet and primed she was ready for his tongue. Strong slow strokes jolted her body above him. He pressed the knuckle into the tight knot and rubbed while he lapped up her juices.

"Oh god yes… oh shit" her breathing heaved as she let him fall into a rhythm beneath her. Her body quaked again and she lost control. His mouth pushed harder into her heat before she had a chance to come down. Fuck, she was going to fall off the edge all over again. She screamed into the room as white flashes zinging through her brain.

Her hands left his head and she fisted her hands into the sheets as he crawled back up her. His eyes danced with satisfaction as he lightly kissed her. She could taste the heady flavour of herself as he pushed again, his tongue finding hers. She was done, but he wasn't.

He lifted a leg and kissed the inside of her calve before dropping it onto his shoulder and moving forward. She cried out when he filled her again. She pushed away the sweaty hair that framed his face and held his cheeks as he drilled her deep.

She was a complete mess under him, but so was he. It'd been too long without her like this and he didn't ever want to go that long again. Slow, deliberate thrusts kept him in time with the long kisses the shared. "I need --- I need….." she squeaked into his mouth.

He pushed his knuckle back down into her clit and circled as she let go once again. He kissed away the tears that rolled away from eyes and pressed his forehead against hers. His own orgasm ripped through his body as she held him tight.

Sealing it with a kiss, he slumped down and onto the bed twisting her with him. The sheets were cool against his skin slathered in sweat. "Oh LJ" he grinned into her the top of her head as she burrowed into his chest. "You've turned into a hussy."

She had no energy to even fight the quip, she sighed and let her body settle against his. One thing had become obvious here, even with the time apart it had become more intense if that was even possible. She was drained. Period.

"I love you" she murmured letting her fingers curl around the fine warm hair on his chest. And she did, like no one else she’d ever met in her life. This was all new for Lily.

"Ditto LJ…" and fucked if he knew how he was going to let her get back on a plane now. pulled her closer letting that worry float to the back of his mind. “Merry Christmas.”

She chuckled “Merry Christmas to you too.” She needed to sleep, she’d planned on showing him just how much she’d changed with him but he’d exhausted her. She smiled drifting off to sleep. She’d just have to save it for later.


Anonymous January 28, 2009 at 10:51 AM  

Love it! keep going please write next chapter

Beth January 29, 2009 at 12:45 PM  

I love this story

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