>> Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Lily woke what seemed like minutes later, but when her eyes squinted adjusting to the natural light peeling into the room. She’d slept all night, figures jet lag had to catch up with her in the end. She stretched against the weight of the body against her back. His arm was tucked neatly around her waist but he didn’t stir.

“Jon?” she asked turning her head over her shoulder. He was out to it. The bottle of Nyquil on the bedside table was still half open. Well least he took his medicine. She shifted her weight and sat up. The bags beside her bed caught her eye. They had been moved, and suspiciously tampered with.

Oh lord. She swung her legs over the bed and reached down for her main bag from the lingerie shop and sure enough the garments had been moved.

Note to self, Jon is a peeper. She shook her head letting herself laugh as she got up and headed to the shower. She needed to commence the rest of her shopping that morning and since Jon was dead out on Nyquil. Now was the perfect time.

She changed into jeans and wrapped her beloved pink woollen coat back around her as she tied her hair up away from her face. Toeing on her boots, a soft grunt came from the bed.

“LJ?” he lifted his head, the blue in his eyes just visible as he cracked them open.

She tugged the belt tighter and sat down on the bed “Morning sleepyhead.... are we a little drugged?”

He cleared his throat before trying to speak with one of those loopy grins she was becoming accustomed to “You died on me first, so I figured I might as well take it since I wasn’t going to be getting any....”

Lily raised her brow “Getting any? Were you really in a state to be doing that? I don’t think so Mister” she said smoothing down the blond crop that framed his face.

“What? I was, you were the one in your sexy nightwear trying to entice I know you’re game Ms St James. You’re just a big tease” he curled his fingers into the pillow as he watched her.

She snorted “Oh I see, yes I’m quite the temptress”

“You are, I know so” he mumbled matter of factually.

She flicked his nose “Yes you do because you looked in my bags, didn’t you?”

His eyes widened “What? I was just looking to see what you were going to do to me with all those sets of lingerie” he said innocently.

“Yeah right, I know your game. You were looking for presents. You’re terrible Jon. I think that cold medicine has gone to your head” It was nice to see the lighter side of Jon, Lily wasn’t even aware of how much she relaxed around him. Forgetting anything else in the outside world, work anything. And what scared her most. Is how much more of it she wanted.

“I wasn’t, I have to say though....” he paused and reached out to her thigh and then stopped “Where are you going?” he asked suddenly realizing she was dressed and ready to go.

“I’m going to catch a cab and go shopping in Manhattan. There’s something I need to check out for Dad...” she lied.

He tugged on her hands pulling her down to lie beside him “LJ, we still haven’t had some time together...we’ll do that before you go...” a smile crept on his face as his lips met hers. She let her hands roam around the soft fur on his chest and slide up his neck as she returned the kiss.

“I know, but you’re sick Jon. There’s no rush...” she pressed her lips against his, letting her tongue lift under his top lip before entering his mouth. God she just had missed this part the most. The intimacy with him. They fitted so well. And she’d never felt so comfortable with someone in, well ever.

He found the tie of her coat and unraveled the little knot she’d drawn and pushed it apart letting his hands find her hips. The weight on his head was pulsing, he wasn’t at his best he knew it. But he’d missed her too damn much to let anymore time pass.

“You couldn’t resist me if you tried” his breath was warm on her neck. The cough came out of nowhere, as his lungs filled with liquid glass.

Lily pulled away and let him catch his breath back “No you’re right I can’t resist the river of snot you’re producing” as she plucked a tissue from the box and handed it to him.

He snatched it off her and the honk from his nose vibrated through the room. “I’m fine...” he flopped back down and patted the spot by him

“Come on you know you want to... Give me a little sugar bef--“the next sneeze made her get off the bed and had her laughing.

“You need sleep not sugar, maybe you’ll feel better tonight” she insisted tying her coat back up.

The look of horror on this face was too much. “Fine don’t say it wasn’t offered” he tugged the sheet up around him and rolled away from her.

“Jon” she stifled her giggle. He was too much.

He waved his hand away towards her “No go shop, shop till you drop. I’ll just stay here and die... don’t worry about me”

Her mother seriously was right. Jon was shocking sick. It was kind of hilarious to her though. She gathered her scarf and tucked her purse under her arm before she was ready to go. A devious grin curled on her lips as she reached for pen and scrawled on a card “Jon’s thing” and then a phone number and left it just lying on the floor like she’d dropped it. It was the mobile number of her assistant Claire back in London but she had a little plan as she just knew Jon would ring it.

“Ok, I‘ll be a couple of hours so I’ll see you a little later on then k?” she asked. He didn’t reply, but the slow steady rise of his chest indicated he’d fallen back to sleep. So much for being horny, she thought as she slipped out of the apartment into New York.


Jon stirred and lifted his head, his head felt like cotton wool. He lifted himself up in the bed and reached over for his medicine, careful to check the bottle that it was the daytime one. He needed to get up. God knows he’d have calls to return and email to check. He swung his feet around letting them hit the ground. He sighed and used the heel of his hands to rub his eyes.

The air was still a little cold to him so he shrugged on a robe before padding across the room. A small pink slip of paper on the floor caught his eye from where Lily’s luggage was all settled. He squinted and leaned forward to collect it. His name and a number was scrawled in ink, in what he could only assume was her handwriting.

“Looks like an international number” he jammed it in the oversized pocket of the robe and headed down to the kitchen. The coffee pot was already one.

“God Bless you LJ” he appreciated as he poured himself a cup. Maybe it was to do with his Christmas present. It had his name on it? Hmm.

He snagged the cordless and fished for the paper. Keying the numbers in he leaned back against the bench and waited. When a British woman answered he cleared his throat.

“Ah yes. This is Francis Miller, Ms St James assistant. I was told to check on something for her for Jon? Do you know anything about that?” he asked biting his lip.

The woman chuckled down the line “Why yes I do, Ms St James did tell me you would be calling”

Jon’s brow winged “She did?”

“Yes she said to say, get back to bed and stop snooping around the house Jon”

Jon rubbed his temples and laughed “She did huh?”

“Strict orders and trust me Jon, you don’t want to be one to be on the wrong end of her... “

“Got it” he said shaking his head as they disconnected. She so did that on purpose knowing he’d ring the number.

Well. Well Ms St James, have you met your match.



>> Monday, December 29, 2008

Lily scraped the hangers across as she browsed the racks filled with lace, satin and silk all in assorted colors. She'd been to the market and stocked up on cold supplies for Jon and now she'd passed La Perla on her way home and couldn't resist a little look. Lily always had a soft spot for good lingerie. But it wasn't until now she was more aware of what she wore, when someone else would be seeing it.

She held out a French maids outfit and half entertained the idea of getting it but shook her head chuckling hanging it back on the rack. Who was she kidding? She was more a classic girl.

She spent half an hour in the store before selecting her purchases and making her way back to the apartment. Letting herself in with the key and access Jon gave her slipped into the dimly lit living room. "Jon?" she asked looking around but there was just the light whir coming from the kitchen above the silence.

Well he must have been a good boy and actually gone to bed.
She shrugged off her coat feeling the centralized warm air engulf her. Thank god he'd been sensible enough to keep the place warm. Kicking her boots off, she snuck up the stairs and found his bedroom. Again plain browns and greens stretched out in a masculine room. He'd settled her bags beside one side of the Californian king which held the Jon sized lump strewn across the pillows. She grinned as she sat down on her side, her side? It seemed weird that they'd fitted so easily with each other. The nervous trembles she once got around him had stopped and been replaced with flutters in her belly.

Until they got close.

She pushed back his bright blond hair with her hand as he slept, his skin was like fire against hers. She shook her head "You're burning up. I'm going to have to fix that" she lifted herself back off the bed and still he didn't stir.

She grabbed one of the bags with her purchases and took a long shower. She was beat, with all the excitement, the time difference was slowly sneaking up on her.

After changing into the pink baby doll she snuck back down the stairs and prepared the chicken soup that she'd snagged from the deli with some fresh bread and orange juice. With enough for two she balanced the tray and walked back to the bedroom creeping in and settling down the tray on the mahogany bedside table top.

“Jon” she whispered pushing back his hair and stroking her fingertips down his neck.

He cracked his eyes open and she felt the groan rumble against her hand from his throat. He tried to shift upwards so she pushed up the pillows under him to prop him up.

He squinted and rubbed his temples. He still felt like a truck was screaming through his head but his eyes slowly focused on the cotton candy delight in front of him.

“This new?” he asked running his fingers along the silk. It fell just above her knees, leaving miles of creamy skin of her legs to show. The thin straps barely cupped her breasts in place. The stirrings from beneath the sheets had started with the not so gentle reminder that they hadn’t been together in nearly six weeks.

She nodded as he dragged his index finger all the way down her arm. “You like?” she chuckled as his face fell into the Are you kidding me look?
“Ok stupid question, there’s more but I’m waiting till you’re feeling better to enjoy it, and have eaten”

His hands cupped her hips trying to shift her closer to him “I’m feeling better now...” he nosed the silk just above her knees pressing his lips against the skin of her thighs.

“Jon” the heat of him was about all she was able to take. Her fingers twisted through his blond hair, and her heart quickened in her chest.
“Mmm” he smiled into her skin inching higher, scraping his lips across the inside of her thigh.

She leaned back, her head hitting the pillows till the rough cough against her skin made her sit back up “Ok, as much as I want to do this you need to eat and rest so you’re going to be doing that” he rested his cheek against her knee and grumbled.

“What was that?” she asked her brow arching.

With a huff of breath he sat back up and sank into the pillows “Ok mom”

“You so did not just call me that” she teased. God he was acting like a five year old boy. “My mother was right, when my men are as sick they are babies”.

“I just wanted to... you know it’s been weeks LJ... weeks” he said. She moved the tray to him as he sat up and rested it on his knees.

“I know, but I’m not going anywhere, and in a few days you’ll be feeling better. I promise” she shook her head at the poor attempt to taste the soup.

“Jon” she warned.

“Alright, alright. I’m eating it, it’s hot you know so I was just letting it cool down” he defended with a lopsided grin.

“Sure Bongiovi, sure... now eat” she pushed her straps up on her shoulders firmly and leaned back beside him on the bed closing her eyes just for a second.

“Tired?” he asked spooning his soup slowly into his mouth.

“Mmm a little, just the day catching up on me that’s all. Airports at Christmas time, not my favourite thing” she crossed her arms over her chest. She heard the tinker of the spoon on the bowl before he spoke again.

“God no, why do you think I have my own private jet?” he asked.

“Because you can” Lily mumbled sleepily.

Jon snorted “Damn right I can. Sooo..... What else did you buy?” he asked looking over at the bags resting on her luggage.

“You’ll have to wait and see” she said satisfied.

“My Christmas Present?” he asked hopefully.

She cracked her eyes open to find two blue ones looking expectantly back at her “What makes you think you deserve one?”

“Just one?” his brow shot up his head.

She slapped his thigh “You’re a shit. You know that don’t you?”

“You love me anyway, admit it” he grinned as he licked the end of the spoon.

She tried to pull her face back to a frown but it was unsuccessful as the smile spread on her lips. “Maybe I do, we’ll see” she said settling herself back into the bed and closing her eyes.

She did need to organize his present. It was on the “to do list”. Him being sick may be a blessing as she’d easily be able to slip out tomorrow and down to Manhattan to the store she’d researched a little on the web.

With the new Soul season looming, which Jon had been talking nonstop about ant time he could. She’d thought about a leather jacket for those nights training she just knew he wouldn’t stop himself from going along. One thing she’d learnt is that Jon never did anything in half measures. He had to be involved in everything he was invested in.

Jon placed the tray with the empty bowl and glass back on his bedside table and hit the pillows. He turned on his side and watched her. Sometimes he couldn’t really believe he’d found someone again so quickly after Dot when he swore he was over women forever. But Lily was different. She was so independent, in some ways more than Dot ever was. She wasn’t the type to swoon over him. And that’s what made it fun.

“So what is it?” he asked tucking his hands behind his head.

“Jon!” she exclaimed. “You’re worse than a kid... you just have to wait. It’s not that many days to go. I’m sure you can do it” she teased rolling on her side to face him. She walked her fingers up along the faded blue t-shirt he’d changed into until they reached his neck.

“What am I getting?” she asked.

Jon chuckled tilting his head to look down at her and narrowing his eyes. “A good spanking” he burst out laughing at the look of horror on her face before wrapping one arm around her to tuck her in closely. She was too easy.



>> Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jon dragged his feet to the ground. Sagging his head for a second he lifted himself up and grabbed his bag. He did need to get home and into bed. He fished for his cell phone as he walked out of the lounge and made his way to the exit of the terminal.

“Hey Jerry, look I’m going to give up on this one...we won’t get out and truthfully. I’m sick as a dog and need to get home.”

“Alright boss, you don’t want to try and go in a couple of days?”

Jon grinned. He was a lucky man, anyone he had business dealings with always remained loyal and would do anything he asked. “No Jerry, we’re going to leave it. You have Christmas with your family. I’m not making you miss that one ok?”

“Thanks boss, if you need me later on just let me know. I’m sorry we couldn’t make it”
“No problems at all now go home, I’m sure as hell on my way. Merry Christmas” he flipped it shut and tucked it in his back jeans pocket. He was halfway to the doors when he tried to squint away the headache and realised he needed to get some meds. He’d promised Lily he would. He walked towards the pharmacy and stopped a few metres when a familiar figure was standing with their hands in their pockets. His heart drummed against his chest at the sight.

Her baby pink woollen coat wrapped around her snugly, her crisp blond hair tumbled down over her shoulders. Lily? It couldn’t be. Hell...he picked up the pace and as he got closer the wider the smile on his face spread. It was really her.

He dropped his bag and scooped her into his arms pressing her head against her chest and sighed. The cold weather held nothing over the summery fragrance of coconuts he inhaled. It was really her. “How did on earth did you get here?” he asked stunned pulling her back in his arms locking his eyes with hers.

God he looked and smelt good. His cashmere was soft against her skin and he smelled like warm spice and delicious man. She looked up into his eyes, the rings dug deep around them and his cheeks were flush.

She cupped her hand against his cheek “I flew silly... to surprise you evidently” she grinned rubbing her thumb along his jaw line.

He leaned in pressing his lips to her, he couldn’t hold back not tasting her any longer. His fingers slid around her neck and into her hair. “I have missed you so much”.

She didn’t get a chance to respond as he drank from her, her hands slid to his coat and her fingers curled around the lapels pulling him closer. Finally she stood back “Merry Christmas” she whispered into his lips.
He pushed back her hair from her face and shook his head “I can’t believe you’re really here. This is the best present ever”
She popped the buttons on his coat and slid her hands inside to his warmth “Soo then let’s get you some medicine and get you home then huh?” she asked as their foreheads pressed.

“I’ve got all I need right here” his eyes were glassy and his nose was a little chaffed.

“Suuurre come on” she said pulling away and linking her hand in his as they took their luggage into the pharmacy. Jon bought some Dayquil and Nyquil before they caught a cab and headed back into the city.

He pulled her in close in the back seat of the cab and rested his head against hers closing his eyes. “I hate being sick” he moaned.

She chuckled “Most men do – but don’t worry I’m going to take care of you...” she said ruffling his hair. She was just glad to me here against his warmth.

He leaned towards her and his lips found her ear “And then I’m going to take care of you LJ... in all the right ways”

A shiver tickled down her skin and her eyes flicked up to his as she kissed him lightly.

“Promise?” His eyes narrowed and the small smirk she adored twitched on his lips.

“Oh I promise” Another kiss.

When the cab pulled up to the apartment complex slicing through the downtown traffic he climbed out of the cab and held his hand out for her.

She took it and stepped out herself out before dusting her coat lightly. “Well least it’s not snowing here, Jesus its coming down back home” she said as she pulled her scarf tighter.

He reached up and tucked her hair behind her ear before pulling her close again for a long kiss “I’m so glad you got here...and I can’t believe you did this” he mumbled onto her lips.

“Jon we need to pay the driver—“

“I don’t care. I want to kiss you” and he did again. His hot mouth on hers threatened to swallow the very life from her.

She finally pulled away her head was starting to spin. The heat between them had intensified since last time. Maybe it was just the cold weather. He leaned over her and handed the driver some bills before he grabbed his bag and the handle of her suitcase.

“So – you’ve got options... the Hilton is just down there or the Four Seasons is just around the corner” he said pointing down the road with a nonchalant look across his face.

She looked at him, her brow creasing “What?” she asked confused before she chuckled shaking her head and smacking him on the arm.

“Very funny mister”

“Ow...” he clutched his arm in a poor effort to look hurt.

She tucked in her scarf to her coat “I should stay there. It’d teach you a lesson”

Jon’s lips curled as he leant it “You wouldn’t be able to resist me... lying in bed knowing just down the street I was all naked in my bed... waiting for you...” his hands slipped onto her coat and up her sides.

She closed her eyes, his hot breath on the icy air was taking her to places she’d missed so much. She jerked open when he sneezed and bellowed over in a deep cough.

She laughed “Yeah I’m sure I really couldn’t resist that right now” she said screwing up her nose.

He held up his hand “I’m alright, I’m alright” he made his way into the building.

She had no idea what to expect, having never been in his apartment before. “Here let me take that” she said going to take her case he was struggling with.

“I’m fine” he said tugging it into the lobby to the lift. She shook her head and laughed. God,Men.

“Ohh the penthouse huh?” she asked when he twisted his key into the lift and thumbed the P on the panel.

“Like you needed to ask” he winked.

The doors pinged open and he unlocked the doors to his place “Welcome home” he held out his hand gesturing her in before him.

She strolled in and dumped her purse down on the couch. The living area was all open plan with windows stretching out around for miles. The furniture was classic, and the decor matched in plain light browns and whites.

“Nice place, the view is amazing” she looked over to the staircase that inched upwards.

“Two floors?” she asked cocking her brow.

Jon left the bags and took her hand “Sure is, come on I’ll show you” they walked up the stairs to where the bedrooms where and another living area that opened out to a spacious rooftop deck.

“Holy hell... this is gorgeous” she said pressing her palm against the French doors to the sprawling deck area.

“Glad you think so...” he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and buried his face in her hair.

“I’ve got one concern though” he whispered letting his hands slide under her top feeling her warm skin against his.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head back reaching back to ruffle his hair “And that is?”

“Your bag is very light... I hope you’re planning on shopping up a storm as you’re not going home until I’m good and finished with you” he nosed her hair away from her neck and grazed his lips down the long line of it.

“Jon...” god the spot between her thighs was starting to pulse. For him.

“I mean it you’re staying till at least after New Year’s ok?” he asked.

She couldn’t even muster the thought to disagree with him. His touch was like fire licking at her skin. “Ok” she murmured.

The moment was soon stilted by the sharp cough against her neck, so she pulled away and twisted to face him.

“You need to take that medicine and get into bed ok? I’ll run out and get you some soup...and who knows maybe I’ll stop at a lingerie store on my way” she said running her finger down his nose.

He growled. She drove him crazy. His eyelids were growing heavier as much as he hated to admit defeat he needed to rest “Promise?” he asked letting his hands slide over the curve of her ass.

She nodded kissing him on the nose “Promise”



>> Wednesday, December 17, 2008

“What do you mean you’ve got no more flights?” Lily snapped at the lady behind the counter who already looked like she had come to her wits end. She’d been patient until now. The flight had been cancelled in a long stream of back log. The snow had stopped and it had started to clear, yet her flight had been cancelled. She couldn’t believe this.

She slapped the ticket down on the counter “This is a flexi ticket which means if the flight is cancelled you have to find me a new one” Calm down it’s not her fault. She’s just doing her job and her job would be hideous today.

The woman picked up her Lily’s ticket and nodded “I know m’am but we’ve just got no flights to put you on. You’ll have to go on a waiting list”

Lily rolled her eyes and curled her fingers around the edge of the counter. Pride was about to be thrown out the window. She bit down on her lip and breathed in

“Look. I’m sorry for snapping. I really just want to get to New partner is there and I haven’t seen him in six weeks” she said quietly. She hated to do it but what other card did she play? She was desperate to see Jon more than she cared to admit.

The lady smiled and nodded “Ok look I’ll see what I can do Ms St James, I’ll try but no promises”

“Thank you” Lily whispered. She watched the lady scan through the computer and make some calls. She dug her hands into her coat pockets and closed her eyes. She’d had her heart dead set on getting over there now and if she didn’t she’d be sorely disappointed.

“You’re in luck I just had a cancellation for the five o clock out. You’re booked in there now, I’ll just need your passport to confirm you” she said.

She sighed feeling the weight fall from her chest “Oh god, thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means...” Lily fished for her passport and handed it to the woman.

She chuckled “I think with that look on your face I do...he’s special to you?”

Lily nodded “Yes he is...he doesn’t know I’m coming it’s a surprise”

She closed her passport and handed it back to her “Well he’s going to be lucky...Merry Christmas Ms St James” she smiled.


Jon slammed the cab door shut as he arrived at the International Terminal;,he grabbed his bag and headed indoors. The icy wind whipped around his face as he tugged his scarf tighter around his neck. His eye twitched as he rubbed his neck, the pain from his head radiating to there. God he felt like crap but he was going. Least he had his own private jet to die on through the journey.

He lurched forward when the cough rattled through his lungs “God dammit” he spluttered as the blast of heat hit him from inside the terminus. It had been at least three hours since he’d heard from Lily. It was mid evening over there and she’d always at least send him a text message if she was held up somewhere but her phone had been switched off for all that time too. He should know, he’d only tried every twenty minutes. Oh well, I’ll be there soon enough.

The sea of people in the airport around holiday times was never a surprise but the delayed messages flashing on the big screen were. The weather it seemed had put out a lot of people. Shit.

He made his way to the private check in, and then the next task was to see what the state of play was with the flights.

“Good day Mr Bon Jovi” the attendant looked up to his screen and frowned.

“What? What is it?” he asked.

“It looks like we’re not flying any private flights out of here for the next couple of days... we’re back logged as it is with domestic and international flights and they need to take priority”

Jon rubbed his forehead “Aw hell...” he scrunched his nose before letting the sneeze shake his body. Yep, the jackhammer in his head was awake again.

“Are you sure we can’t get out at all?” he asked wincing. Shit, he needed some meds.

“I’d have to check with Airport control. The option is we could find you a spare seat on a commercial flight. If there are any left since flights have been cancelled we’re still juggling... it’s pretty tight...” he trailed off.

The sensible Jon knew he should just accept it and go home, hell go home to bed for a couple of days and then try again in a few days to get out which would have him landing on her just in time for Christmas. But it was risky.

The stubborn get his own way Jon leaned over the counter “Can you please find out if there is anything we can do. I need to get out there.” He said. He’d already psyched himself up to see her and it was too a point he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Sir, there are hundreds of people in your position and they don’t have the choice of a private jet – they’ll be thankful just to get out of here tonight” he said tapping on the keyboard.

Jon wiped his nose with the back of his hand and nodded. He had no problems flying commercial. It was the fact his head felt like it was being squashed in a vice, and the thought of being stuck on a plane for eight hours with a few hundred people that didn’t really appeal to him.

He sighed “Ok, I know. I’m sorry I’m pushing if you could check or put us on standby so if there is a gap...” he said sadly.

“If you don’t mind waiting in the lounge I’ll see what we can do Mr Bon Jovi” he said.

Jon looked at his name badge and patted him on the shoulder “Thank you Josh, I appreciate all your help. Merry Christmas” he picked up his bag which usually he could manage. But the dull ache in his shoulders made it feel like a one tonne anvil.

Two hours later he was lying in the first class lounge strewn across one of the plush couches, waiting. Jerry had been trying his hardest to get them out but it just didn’t look good. He was waiting one more hour before he gave up. He was resigned to the fact he needed to get some meds and go home to bed.

He flipped his phone open and tried Lily again, and to his surprise it rang this time. He sighed and pulled his arm across his eyes and waited.

“Hello?” he could hardly hear her with all the commotion in the background.

“Lily? It’s me” he said trying to sit up.

There was a loud crackling before she came back “Sorry I just had to get away from the crowds. Hey you.....”

He scratched his head, god his glands under his chin were starting to freakin ache as well.

“Hey...where are you?”

“Just out shopping you know how it is, sorry I didn’t realise I had my phone off... are you ok? You sound awful honey” the concern in her voice coming through.

He closed his eyes and sighed “Oh LJ, I feel like crap.. And I tried so hard... but I don’t know if its going to work” he said sadly. He dug his fingers into his knee. Might as well tell her.

“What’s not going to? Tried hard at what Jon?” she asked. He could just picture her, god he wanted to hold her touch her...but fuck if the stupid weather was going to stop that happening anytime soon.

“I’m at the airport Lily, I was trying to fly out to come and see you but the flights are just manic and they won’t allow any—“ he cleared his lungs with the fluid that was building in there “Private flights and fucked if I’m flying commercial feeling like this”

There was silence on the end of the line.


“You were going to come here? Oh Jon...that’s terribly sweet”

“Aw well you know I want to see you and just thought we could try and have Christmas together but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get there on time”

“Honey, I wish you could. God I miss you so much...but you need to look after yourself. Go get some meds from the pharmacy up there and go home to bed... promise me that. Maybe I can try and see what I can do from this end?” she asked.

He groaned. She was right. He was a wreck and needed to be home in bed. God dammit.
“Ok, can I call you when I’m in bed at least?”

“You better... I want to know you’re there safe and sound and resting k?”

“Ok I’ll call you soon LJ”

Lily snapped her phone shut and grinned. She pulled at her case dragging it across the International Terminal at JFK Airport and couldn’t help the small smile that played at the corner of her mouth. He was going to fly over and see her? To surprise her? She knew then she was truly lucky, not just for Jon but for the delays getting him off the ground. Jesus Christ. She chuckled to herself at the near disaster that could have been, him there and her there.

She straightened her coat and raked her fingers quickly through her hair. Her heart pounded in her chest at the thought she was about to finally see him again.



>> Tuesday, December 16, 2008

She popped the cap off her coffee and took a long sip. The snow was still as thick as a blanket out there, looking like something directly from a Hallmark holiday card. The latest weather forecast had promised that it would ease so there was hope she’d be getting off the ground in a couple of hours.

She gathered her things and bustled over to a spare table in the corner and dumped down everything fishing for her laptop in her carry on. She flipped it open and switched it on. Rubbing her temples with the tips of her finger she sighed.
God, I just want to get out of here. I want to see him.

“You ok dear?” she looked up at the kind green eyes of the elderly woman that was lowering herself into the chair at the table next to her. Rugged up in colourful wool she was an advert for winter all over.

She smiled “I’m fine, just frustrated…” she looked around at the mills of people all standing around in limbo “just like everyone else”.

“Off home?” she asked pulling out her book and stirring her tea in the blue and white regulated Styrofoam cups the airport supplied.

Lily shook her head “No, to New York to surprise my boyfriend for Christmas, well trying to” she said quickly tapping her login into the keys.

The lines at the side of the ladies eyes crinkles as she smiled “That’s very sweet, he’s very lucky to have you I can tell already”

Lily chuckled “I don’t know about that but yeah, he’s pretty special to me” it surprised Lily how easily she talked about Jon to a complete stranger. Those knots in her belly twisted tighter at the thought. She totally was into him.

“Well that’s great dear, he’ll be over the moon to see you I’m sure” she said bringing her tea to her lips.

“I hope so, where are you off to?” Lily asked

“Just back to San Francisco where my daughter and grandchildren are. I’m spending a few weeks over there”

“That sounds wonderful”

She nodded “Ever since Bert died, she insists. And I love it. Who doesn’t want to spoil their grandchildren” she patted around her coat and pulled out her purse and handed Lily a photograph of three girls all in a row that couldn’t be anymore than between eight and fourteen.

“They are absolutely gorgeous, you must be so proud”

“Of course, they’re good kids.” She tucked her picture safely back in her purse.

Lily had opened her email and couldn’t help the smile spread across her face. Jon had emailed her since they spoke. She clicked open the message but frowned when it simply read.

All I want for Christmas is you.

“Sorry” she said to the woman.

“It’s ok dear. My daughter keeps telling me to learn how to use one of those things but I just prefer the old fashioned way of telephone and letters, was it something from him?” she asked.

Lily felt the blush in her cheeks deepen “That obvious huh?”

“Well the way your eyes danced and your face lit up brighter than the Christmas trees in here, I’d say it was obvious. He’s a lucky young man”

Lily laughed. No I’m he lucky one. “I just want to see him, we’ve not been going out that long and the living in different cities thing has been pretty tough….” She sighed curling her fingers over the edge of her laptop.

“You will get there dear, it’s meant to be” the call came over the loudspeaker and the woman looked up “Well that looks like me. We must be flying again” she smiled gathering her things.

“I hope so, have a nice Christmas and time with your family” Lily said going to lean over to help her with her bags but she waved her back.

“I will dear, and you have a wonderful time with that man. Make every moment count, because at sometime it will end” her smile was sadness mixed with gratitude.

“I promise I will” Lily said quietly “Take care” as she walked away Lily glanced up to the board, her flight still flashed delayed but it was in a long line of flights that needed to get out.

Guess I’m stuck here awhile at this rate. Shopping for a man like Jon had been no easy task. What did you buy the man that had everything? Then she saw the perfect thing, a Charcoal woollen coat that was perfect. So soft. Selfishly all she could imagine was herself being tucked into it, the soft wool pressing against her cheek. So she’d bought it. He’d love it. She was sure of it.

She hit reply on the email and typed back

Well have you been a good boy this year?

She hit send and got a surprise a second later when her laptop binged with the internal email instant messaging client.

Jon: I’m never good, you should know that by now LJ.

A smirk curled around her lips as she typed back her response.

Lily St James: Good, I like bad…..


Jon gripped his coffee and raised his eyebrow. He’d sat back down in his office, anything to keep his mind off wanting to get the hell out of here and over to Lily.

Jon: How bad?

He took a big gulp and nearly spluttered it out over his screen.

Lily St James: So bad you’ll have to punish me….

“Oh LJ” he chuckled.

Jon: You already know when I see you - you won’t be walking for a week right?

Her reply came back just as fast.

Lily St James: Is that a promise?

His heart beat quickened against his chest.

Jon : Always……. Soo what are you doing?

Lily St James : Wouldn’t you like to know.

Jon laughed leaning closer into the screen staring out the windows still vibrating against the winter wind. The weather hadn’t really improved at all and he still hadn’t heard from Jerry.

Jon : What are you wearing? Jon’s personal triumph was Lily had relaxed so much in his company since he’d met her. Usually so calm and collective on the outside when she was around him she was so much looser than she used to be. He didn’t mind that it was just around him. Infact he liked it that way. This was she was truly his Lily.

Lily St James: Far too many layers, wish you were here to change that….

“God so do I LJ, so do I” he mumbled hitting the keys again.

Jon: I’m cold.

Lily St James: Are you keeping warm and resting? He rolled his eyes.

Jon: Yes Mom *rolls eyes*

Lily St James: I know you Jon, you won’t stop till you drop

Jon shook his head at the words. Yes she did know him. It was surprising in such a short period of time how well she did. And he knew her. He knew how to rattle her cage, and when she needed someone. She’d never admit to that and Jon didn’t want her to. He was just pleased he knew when she needed him.

Jon: Well come and make me stop then...

Lily St James: Don’t tempt me….

Jon jumped as his cell phone vibrated on the table.


“Jon, we’re going to try in five hours, so come on down to JFK then. I’ll call if anything changes…we’ve got reports that Heathrow is pretty awful for landing though”

“Can we fly in somewhere else and I’ll get myself up to London somehow?” he asked.

“We can sort that out if it comes to it I’m sure, don’t worry boss we’ll try our best to get you to your little lady”

“Thanks Jerry, you know I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important. I know it’s so close to Christmas but I’ll make sure you and the family are well looked after” he said. He was always grateful for staff that pulled things off for him without any notice. And he was a family man he knew how important Christmas was.

“Thanks my man, you’re a saint see you then”

Lily St James: Jon, I need to go… I’ll be in touch ….

And then she was gone. Jon checked his watch, she was probably at work. So close yet still so far away. He just hoped he could get off the ground tonight to end this ridiculous waiting.



"God Dammit!" Lily swore dumping her bags down looking up at the red blinking DELAYED flashing across the screen. It was the second time her flight had been delayed. She tugged her coat tighter around her and glanced outside to the small blizzard that was swirling around the airport.

This is what you get for a last minute dash across the world in mid December, just six days out from Christmas.

She straightened her scarf and blew her bangs out of her face. The flight to New York was delayed by an hour to see if the blizzard conditions improved.

Heathrow was already filled with angry holiday travellers who plans had been quashed by bad weather and tangled flight schedules. She was crazy, this is why she didn't just make decisions at the last minute with no planning. Jon had been gone weeks and commitments had kept him in New York longer than he anticipated.

With Christmas rolling around fast they'd both decided to wait till after the holiday season was over to attempt to travel again.

Lily was used to Christmas by herself in London, she'd often end up going to Claire's her assistant. And on the odd occasion her father had flown in to see her for a couple of days. It just hadn't been a big deal since her mother died. So why then last night after she hung up for Jon, the small ache in her heart got bigger? The one that longed for his smell of leather and soap and his touch on her skin. She clutched her middle as her belly twisted in knots and her skin sizzled at the memory of his hands all over her.

It had been five weeks. And she hated that she missed him so much. So last night when she'd again wrapped the sheets high around her body wishing it was the warmth and weight of him around her she made the decision. To get on a plane and go to New York to surprise him for Christmas.

That was the plan till now.

She jumped when her cell phone vibrated against her thigh buried deep in her coat pocket. She quickly fished around finding it connecting it to her ear.

"Hey gorgeous" even through the loud hustle of holiday travellers and the overhead speaker system his husky voice was unmistakable.

She moved away to try and block the noise away from the safe confines of a corner. "Hey" she grinned. His voice combined with the thought of seeing him in a handful of hours if she could get out of this airport was enough to spread the smile across her face.

"Where are you? Sounds awfully loud?" he asked.

She twisted a lock of her hair around her finger "Just at the shops Jon, you know how the Christmas rush can get. It's ruthless!" she exclaimed frowning as an impatient travellers bustled past her nearly knocking her off her feet.

"God do I what. Thankfully I am finished all my Christmas shopping... even yours" the proud smile in his voice evident.

"What did you get me? You didn't have to get me anything" she said. Who was she kidding? Gifts from the man she loved. What more could she want?

"Like I was ever not going to buy you anything” he chuckled "You'll just have to wait and see wont you. Till after Christmas"

Her smile grew broader. That's what you think, she thought to herself proudly. She stared out at the white blanket of snow and wished it was a white blanket of Jon "Is it snowing over there? It's blowing in here. It's just awful"

"Yeah, it's pretty cold here... we've just had an ice storm, took out a lot of power and ripped trees right down the middle" he said in between a sharp cough.

"Are you getting a cold?" she asked concerned.

"No, not me. I don't get sick. I'm fine, just a sniffle or two"

Lily rolled her eyes. Men. Just like her father. "Ok well keep warm then you don't want to be getting sick now"

"Relax, I'm good. I miss you though. I kind of think we should of rethought this whole not seeing each other until after Christmas, I miss you LJ"

LJ, it was that name he called her. The many times he'd leaned in and whispered it into her ear. His hot breath on her neck, and the sparkle in those blue eyes she slowly was coming to love. Just the words, sent the hairs on her neck pricking to attention. She melted in a puddle. The times he'd called her over the last few weeks, she'd been hip deep in work stressed out to hell. And then he'd call her LJ. And the world would disappear.

God damn she hated that. Melting her with one word.

She moved into the corner again, cupping the phone so he could hear her with no mistake "I miss you too. It will just be better when we do see each other. I promise"

He sighed down the phone "I know, you're right. Oh god, I better go Jesse and Steph are expecting me to take them Christmas shopping"

She chuckled, it was still hard to believe that this man had two teenagers. Probably because she hadn't been part of that life yet. He'd always update her on what the latest thing Stephanie wanted or the latest game Jesse was begging him to buy him. Admittedly it was one thing that she had her reserved by going. What if he didn't want them to meet her? She stuffed those feelings away "I bet that they do. Well give me a call later if you want" she said.

"Sure I will, I'll be a little MIA tonight but I'll try and call... keep warm" he said.

"You too" she snapped her phone shut and looked back up to the board. God she hoped that the snow would clear soon. She just wanted to get there. She just wanted to see him.


Across the other side of the world in New York Jon slipped his phone back into his back jeans pocket and grinned. He clicked close his suitcase, she had no idea. No idea he was planning to fly to London in just a few hours. He smoothed his jacket across the case ready.

When they’d decided to wait until after Christmas to do this, he’d thought it was the best thing. His life had been so busy with charity dinners and work for the foundation he’d not much time for anything else. Except her.

He rubbed his temples, the dull ache up his neck creeping into his head as he took in a sneeze. God, he didn’t need a fucking cold right now. He didn’t get sick and if he did, he certainly didn’t stop.

He popped his knuckles and grinned. She was something. Something he hadn’t expected to find this soon but fuck if she wasn’t amazing. He’d spent sleepless nights curled around his pillow wishing it was the mango coconut scent of her instead of the floral scent of Snuggle.

He’d already bought her Christmas present weeks ago, seeing it staring back at him from a jewellery designer’s window downtown. It was perfect and she was going to love it. Along with various other things, Women were meant to be spoiled right? Woman like his Lily.

The decision to go to London was easy, except he’d had to run past the kids first. Surprisingly they had been ok with it and with the promise of a week’s holiday in Disneyland when he got back.

Now he just had to get there. The weather had been pretty horrendous and numerous flights had been cancelled or grounded till further notice.

He mulled around the apartment a little longer, making sure all his affairs were in order for his departure.

His cell phone shrilled so he flipped it open tucking it under his ear.

“Hi Jerry” he said spying the caller ID. His pilot.

“Hey Boss, listen we’re probably not going to get out of JFK on time. Fog and Ice are causing massive delays they’re saying most flights are being delayed three to four hours”

He pinched the bridge of his nose “Shit, really?” he sighed.

“Well I guess we can’t exactly do a lot except wait it out. I have time so it’s ok” he let out a long cough before sucking back his breath. Jesus Christ. His lungs felt like they had glass embedded inside them.

“I’ll keep you updated, but until now no need to get out here ok boss?” he asked.

“Thanks Jerry I’ll sit tight till you give the word” he said.

“Dammit” he swore. There was no real need to panic he had time, it was still days out until Christmas. But he’d already prepared himself to feel her silky skin against his. Oh well, he’d just have to wait.


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