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Lily jammed the key into the door. It was a little after one pm. Armed with bags from the deli and other assorted packages she made it into the living area where she expected there again to be silence. But Jon sat on the couch with his feet out on an ottoman and a box of tissues tucked under his arm. She dumped the packages on the chair.

“Hey honey I’m home” she grinned. The small smile on his lips was telling, and Claire had rung her while she was out to tell her that Jon had indeed called. “Have a good morning?” she asked innocently fishing deep into a brown paper bag to find the fresh tea she’d bought.

“It’s been pretty quiet, talked to the kids...did some email...that sort of thing” he said punching the remote with his thumb to mute the TV.

“Are they getting excited?” she asked. He wasn’t going to say about the call. Typical. She chuckled to herself.

He patted the couch next to him for her to join him “Yeah they are. Spoilt those kids will be, I tell you”.

She shrugged out of her coat and sat beside him “And whose fault is that?” she teased giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“I know, but it’s been just as hard for them since... well since the marriage ended so I try to make it up in all ways. And really just because I can” he grinned.

She hooked her arm into his and ran her fingers along his bicep “I am sure that they love you just all the same. It’s got to be a new adjustment for them... and then there’s me” she trailed off. She hadn’t really thought about the kids. Well of course she had, but now she was actually in New York and it was Christmas time it wasn’t going to be avoided.

Jon turned and pulled her in closer resting his hand on her shoulder tucking her under his chin. The smell of coconuts and mangoes made him sigh. “I’ve told them about you, so it’s fine. I know you haven’t had much to do with kids but it will be ok. They’re pretty easy kids and you don’t have to do a thing” he said pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

“I know, it’s not that. I just don’t want them thinking I’m here to replace anyone because I’m definitely not” she said quietly.

“It’s ok they know” Jon paused, her body had tensed under him.

“Do you want kids LJ?” he asked stroking the top of her hair.

It was her turn to sigh “I guess I’ve never thought about it, nor been in a position to think about it” she looked up catching his gaze “Did you want more kids?” she asked. She’d not really given it a lot of thought that he might. Well they’d only had been dating a few months in total and not all of that was time together.

His smile eased “Well I suppose again it’s not something I thought I would need to think about anytime soon...but I am always open to the idea. In a year or so?” his fingers trailed lightly down her jaw.

She smiled “Maybe. I don’t know how much of a good mom I can be though”

Jon chuckled and tugged her in even closer “You would do fine, you’ve got a very gentle nature about you... well most of the time” he teased. “Ow” he laughed as she pinched the side of his ribs.

“It’s you” she said quietly.

“What’s me?” he asked looking down at her.

“I never used to relax and be gentle...I didn’t know how to in some respects. That’s why Dad sent me to the Hampton’s to unwind and then I met you”

Jon grinned “Do go on”

“I’m different around you and when we’re close...I just I guess” she tried to explain without sounding like a moron.

“You relax around me, that’s what you’re trying to say and I know you do.” He leaned forward as his lips brushed her ear “It’s my favourite part of you knowing that only I can make you like this’re mine”

She felt the hairs on her arms prick up. His. Normally she’d want to freak out, she’d never been anybodies. But something, just something was comforting about being his.

She fingered at the opening of his robe and looked up meeting his gaze “If I know you, and I’m pretty sure I do by now, you love that you do that to me”

His brow quirked and a smile twitched at the corners of his mouth “Maybe I do but mostly...” mostly he loved how at ease she could be around him. That she felt comfortable enough to trust him “I just love you can be you” he whispered.

A smile broke on her lips, the kind that pinched your cheeks “I do love you Jon you know that right?”

He said nothing and brought his lips to hers, letting a moan slip from his mouth to hers. She swallowed it and shifted into him closer letting her hands ride up around his shoulders.

He pulled away, his blue eyes locked on hers “Do you love me enough that you’ll show me what’s in those bags?” he asked nodding in the direction of the chair where she’d dumped her shopping.

She chuckled and gripped his chin with her thumb and index finger, letting her lips touch his.

“Nope” she shut his mouth when his jaw dropped. “You have to wait like all good boys do” she lifted herself off him and dusted herself off “I need to have a shower and then I’ll get you some—“ she heaved her body forward as the sneeze screamed out of her.

“Lunch” she managed. She grabbed the bags and headed to their bedroom making sure to place them in a hiding place that he wouldn’t find before she could wrap them. She sighed as the warm water hit her, it wasn’t any wonder her nose had started running as well. But she wasn’t going to let it affect her.


Jon saw his chance and once the light hum of the water running in the plumbing filtered down he carefully climbed the staircase to their bedroom. She wouldn’t put them in her bag, that was too easy.

He searched under the bed, reaching under just to find a dusty sneaker he threw across the room. When he stood up the room moved, for a second and he grabbed the ledge of the tallboy to steady himself. “Damn cold” he muttered. He wanted the presents, he had to know. He hated surprises.

He stumbled to the spare room where a bed and a set of draws were, he rolled the top draw open and was amazed to see the pink striped bag he saw Lily holding just minutes ago. “Ah huh!” he carefully looked over his shoulder before unravelling the parcel careful not to tear the bag or leave any evidence that he’d been here.

“Aww man” he pulled a bunch of foiled covered chocolate Santa’s. “That’s it?” he asked tugging the draw out further but no that was it.

He pulled a Santa out of the bag and placed the rest back carefully just as he found them. “She’s playing with you Bongiovi” he mumbled peeling back the Santa and taking a bite. He heard the crank of the shower off so he quickly disappeared back downstairs. Damn it.

Lily dried herself off and changed before padding back downstairs to finish the tea she’d intended on making them. The way Jon was sitting innocently flipping through a magazine was amusing as she made the tea and carried the tray back to the living room where he was.

“This tea is meant to clear you out, sinuses everything” she said carefully pouring two cups.

“You’re having it as well?” he sniffed the cup she handed him “Because it smells delicious” he gritted his teeth as eucalyptus and menthol hit his nostrils. In his experience those two things smelt good, did not taste good.

She lifted her cup and was about to speak when she couldn’t help the snort escape her nose. He had a blob of chocolate at the corner of his mouth. He so looked.

“What’s wrong?” he asked screwing his nose up and taking a sip. Hell wasn’t that bad. Almost sweet.

“It’s called honey love, takes the edge of stuff like this” she winked. She leaned back in the chair and crossed her legs letting the aroma of the tea sink it. “Just like chocolate does” she grinned bringing the mug to her lips.

His eyes narrowed and he shrugged “Yeah I guess”

“You’re so bad” she teased before putting her tea down and joining him again on the couch.

“What have I done now?” he asked innocently. She couldn’t know could she?

Lily used her pinkie to swipe the chocolate from the corner of her mouth before wrapping her lips around it. “Mmm” she arched one brow.

“Damn it” he cursed as he sipped his tea. How the hell did she do that?


Kris January 6, 2009 at 8:09 AM  

There will be more, right? I just love the story...or better all of them! ;-)

SoulGirl January 6, 2009 at 1:53 PM  

yes yes, sorry things have gotten away with me... def more and more stories to follow. Thanks for reading and letting me know you're enjoying it :) I love these two as well LOL

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