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Lily hugged the black bag closer to her body and grinned. "Mine."

Jon shook his head and laughed, "I could say the same thing about the person holding the bag."

She ran palmed his cheek, "you're cute." She dove deep into the bag and lifted a silver wrapped package out. She squeezed it easily. "Mmm soft." She tugged apart the paper and pulled out silky black lace. Two pieces. "Damn," she held up the bra and then the skimpy thong.

"I'll be able to wear this back in London," she grinned.

"Like fuck you will." He didn't buy it for it to be wasted back in London. He bought it to be worn here. For his eyes only.

"It's gorgeous though Jon, although somehow I think it's more for you than me." She winked. She didn't mind though, she intended to use it exactly for that. She dug her hand further into the bag and pulled out a long slim box wrapped in red shiny paper.

"What can I say? I'm a selfish guy." He chuckled. He pulled his legs up to his chest as he watched her unwrap the second gift. He grinned when her eyes lifted and her lips curled into a smile.

"Jon –," she let the long silver chain run over her fingers down to the sapphire color stone set in a silver rectangle pendant. She plucked the matching ring, an over sized button shaped one that matched.

“You like?” he asked hopefully. Ever since he'd seen it in unique jewelers in Soho, he knew it was perfect for her. Elegant and very much her style.

“It's gorgeous, I don't know what to say.” She slipped on the ring on right hand index finger and held it up. “It's perfect, you've obviously been paying attention.” She could of picked the exact same set out for herself.

He lifted the chain from her hand and motioned her to turn away from him. He swept her hair aside and scooped the necklace around her, hooking the clasp into place. The pendant rested just above the dip of the valley of her breasts.

“When it comes to you, I always pay attention.” He kissed where he fastened the necklace and along her shoulders.

She closed her eyes as the heat of his body found hers. She was so relaxed, so at home in his arms. The old Lily, back in London at this point was hard to remember. The one that worked till sometimes till eleven o'clock at night and came home with just enough energy to drink a glass of wine and eat some dinner before passing out in bed, usually at the helm of her laptop.

It kept drilling back into her mind, the dread of leaving him behind again. For the first time in her life business didn't matter. He did.

“What are you thinking about LJ?” He whispered against her ear. She'd been silent for a few moments now.

She sighed,”nothing, just enjoying the moment Jon. You've spoiled me rotten.”

“Uh huh, but there is more...”

She opened her eyes and looked down into the bag, he was right there was still one more package left for her. It was small and square shaped. “Well well, look at that.” She picked it up and coyly she tore off the paper. Her eyes widened at what was left in her hands.

A small PDA device.

“Jon, what in the world is this?” she picked it up. There was nothing wrong with the one she already had.

He reached around her from behind and over her hands that cupped the device. “This my love, is how we are going to stay in touch.” He pressed the power button on.

She chuckled, “I've already got a perfectly good phone Jon....this looks complicated.”

“Well. It does, but the beauty of it is.” He reached behind him and tugged open his bedside draw. “I have one exactly the same, which means... we can sync our calendars and always know where we are and what the time is where we are.” He grinned, it had been a perfect solution to what they needed until they could work something more permanent out.

Syncing their calendars? He'd know all her personal information and where she was all the time? She wasn't sure how she felt about that. It made perfect sense why and his intentions were the only for the best.

“LJ?” She'd again gone quiet in his arms. The kind of quiet that he'd associated her awkward first dating stages.

“This is great.” It was a wonderful idea, and very sweet.”

“But--” he prompted.

She was being stupid, he'd put not only a lot of thought but money into this idea. “No buts, its perfect.”

He wrapped his arms tighter around her waist, his thumbs gently rubbing across her belly. “It will be easier, you know when you can't get hold of me and I can't get hold of you...or if I want to ring. I know you won't be in a meeting...”

She nodded. “I know, and you are right. It will be easier.” It would be, she just had to get over any niggling little feeling she had. Hell, it wasn't as if she had anything to hide from Jon and the fact he was willing to share his life with her so openly. She just wasn't used to it. That's all.

“Thank you Jon, this is all way too much. I love it all.” She picked up his hand and brought it to her lips.

“You're very welcome. Now...what do I get?” His breath was warm against the arch of her neck.

Her lips quirked at the edges. “Who says I bought you anything?” She teased.

“Oh I know you did, as long as it's not a t-shirt with 'I'm the shit,' across it.”

She chuckled, “No actually it's not. There's a bag in the upper cupboard in the spare room closet.”

“You hid it in there? Jesus, did you think I'd snoop that much.” He laughed when she rolled her eyes and pursed her lips together. “Alright, alright so I was before. I'll just go get it then shall I?” He swung himself off the bed and padded out the door.

It left Lily sitting there, the sheet still wrapped around her body holding on to the PDA. Her finger trailed lightly across the small screen. Least this way, Jon was right. They'd know not to disturb the other if they were heavily involved in work and had access to the 'gaps' in their schedules. She wished it didn't have to be like this but as long as they were living separate lives in separate countries. It would help them. She grinned when she scrolled through the menu and saw he's preset the world clocks to display on the front. Eastern Standard Time, and London Time.

Jon soon returned holding proudly the bag in his hands, “this the one?” He scooched across the bed back to his spot as she leaned back and nodded.

“Yup, Merry Christmas.” She leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips, his hand swept up her cheek and into her hair dragging her closer to him. His tongue grazed her lips as she parted them for him letting him taste her fully.

The scent of coconuts and beach drifted around him as her hair fell across his arms. He couldn't remember a time when he felt so at home with a woman. The last months of his marriage sure as fuck weren't anything to go on.

He finally pulled back, “mmm now that's what I call a Christmas present.”

“Fine, so you don't need this.” She reached for the large over sized charcoal bag he was holding but he tugged it back.

“Hell no, presents are presents. Seems a waste if you have already bought them.” He grinned broadly as he opened the bag and pulled out one of the gaily wrapped parcels.

“Go ahead then.” She pulled her knees up to her chest an watched him rip open the package.

Jon touched the soft leather and lifted the jacket up. “Oh LJ, what have you done?” The style was classic but not too shiny, a little battered. Just how he liked them.

“You like? I saw them advertised in London actually and thought you would look great in one. Plus it's got lining, on the inside. You know for when you come and visit and it's cold.” She winked.

He stood up and shrugged into the jacket. Damn, fitted like a glove too. “It's perfect and damn, it's so light. And doesn't look it.” She did good. Real good.

“You are meant to wear it with pants...” She licked her lips and looked down. “Not that I am at all complaining.”

Jon laughed and crawled back over to her. “C'mere you...” She squealed as he grabbed either side of her and wrestled her down. “Cheeky monkey...” He pressed a kiss to her lips, putting aside the fact she was leaving again within a week this was the best Christmas ever.


Kris February 17, 2009 at 2:55 AM  

OMG! JOn just wearing a leather jacket...what a pic...I think I need some time for myself now! ;-)

Geat chapter. I hope it doesn't take too long till they are on the same side of the Ocean.

SoulGirl February 17, 2009 at 3:59 PM  

LMAO - seems that line hit a few people, oh the imagery huh? LOL

Thanks for reading ;) This one is now complete. But watch for their next installment very soon ;)

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