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She’d been called out again but this it was for work. Her father had called in a small favor knowing she was in New York. It saved him a across the country trip from Los Angeles so it was beneficial for the company Lily doing than him flying here himself. Normally she didn’t mind as this was her company as well but unlike her father she actually wanted some time off at Christmas since she now had Jon.

He’d been almost surprised when Lily snapped at him, as never in five years had she be grudged work. He was pleased she had found someone to at least socialize outside work with, and was eager to meet him. The longer than moment was away from happening, the better. She adjusted her tote as she paced down Madison Ave.

It was two days out from Christmas and Jon lay limp with his arms and legs strewn on the couch. His cold seemed to be here for its regular five day course like all colds he was unfortunate to catch. It was two days out from Christmas and he couldn’t even believe Lily had been here two days and they’d just slept in the same bed. There had to be some law against that as it was ridiculous. He deserved a medal that’s for fucking sure.

His gaze wondered out to the Grey sky, the odd snowflake falling today. He was getting used to having her around didn’t know how he was going to let her go back to London again. They’d agreed to do the long distance thing and they could easily. He had his own jet for god’s sake. But it would get tiring. He was lucky enough that he had some time coming up off, apart from an acoustic show he was planning and a couple of other things.

Lily wouldn’t rush into anything. Jon knew that. If he asked her to move here she wouldn’t least right now. She had too much in London to stay for. He picked at the fabric on the arm of the chair absently. Least they had this Christmas together. He couldn’t complain and he got the chance to spoil her rotten. It had been while since he had felt the urge to.

His jewellery he had custom made for her was completed, the pendant and matching over sized ring in the style she always wore. But he had another idea he wanted to pursue, but just wasn’t sure how to go about it.

He’d flipped through every channel from ESPN to the damn history channel. Why was it that no matter how many channels you had, sometimes there was never anything to watch? He sighed and leaned back. Christ he was bored.

He patted around rescuing his cell phone from falling into the depths of the couch. He jammed her name in with his thumb and hit send .

“Aren’t you meant to be resting?” He chuckled as he imagined that stern business like look etched on her face that he knew he could dissolve in an instant.

“I’m bored, are you nearly done?” he asked hopefully.

Her light laugh came across the phone “You’re hopeless. You know that don’t you?”

“Well there’s nothing on damn TV, I can’t be bothered going to get my laptop to do any work”

“Well you shouldn’t be working anyway Jon. It can wait for a few days”

“The kids rang, they want to see me but I’ve put that off till tomorrow so there’s less risk of spreading this thing. I’m surprised you’ve not caught it” he curled his fingers around his neck as he rubbed it.

“Well I’ve tried not to. I’m drinking some ghastly smoothie at the moment that’s jam packed with flu busting stuff... Delicious stuff”

“Just like your tea” he grumbled.

“Hey now it made you feel better now didn’t it?”

“It tasted like ass with honey in it”

“Jon! Jesus, look I’m going to be home soon. Think you can last another half an hour. I’m almost done with Dad’s stuff. Do you want anything?” she asked.

He let a lopsided grin break on his lips but before he could say anything she spoke.

“Besides the obvious that is”

“Oh no come on, don’t you find me desirable anymore? You’ve been here two days and we haven’t done anything past snuggling and kissing... am I not irresistible?” he pouted.

“Oh you are, that river of snot and the way you clear your throat just before you kiss me...every woman’s dream Jon”

“Ok ok... I know but Jesus LJ I can only keep my hands off you for so long” he rolled over tucking the phone into the crook of his neck “I want to do very bad things to you...” his voice dropped into the huskiness of his cold.

And she wanted to do very bad things to him; she closed her eyes and leaned back against the lobby wall listening to the croon of his voice come through her phone. She closed her eyes, her feet were pulsing inside the leather of her heeled boots. Her body was fighting off an infection, she just knew it. She’d been taking everything she could not to get sick but between all the heavy rushing around she was beat.

“So do I Jon but I want you to enjoy it, and” she shivered “I don’t want your snot all over my body. She chuckled.

“I’m getting better honest” he said “I’ve taken lots of medicine today” he said proudly.

“How much?” she asked suspiciously since it was loaded with alcohol and plenty of other stimulants.

“A little more than usual... but I feel great” he chirped. Typical man, one minute they’re dying and the next they’re fine. Especially if sex is on the cards.

“Alright well we’ll see” she said “I need to go – are you sure there is nothing that you want?”She asked slipping her free hand into her pocket and turning to face the street. Snow had started to fall starting to blanket across the pavement.

“No just you, hurry home. I’m boreeeeed” he whined.

“Alright, alright I’m comin’” she said pulling the door open bracing herself for the icy blast of air to hit her.

“Yeah you will be after I finish with you”

“What?” her brows rose as she laughed thinking her ears had deceived her.

“Just hurry and be safe” was the last thing she heard when the heavy roar of the plow went past her and she lost the call. She tucked it back into her purse and with the click of her boots hurried back down the pavement.

It was a little over an hour when she finally arrived back at apartment. She’d wanted to get something for Jon’s kids, even though they’d never met she felt like she should. It was never easy when your parents started dating new people. Even Lily knew that, and her father had only three years ago since her mom died. She’d decided on a mini make-up kit for Stephanie and some toy cars for Jesse. It was done, Christmas shopping was completed.

Her skin was clammy and cold by the time the lift doors pinged open. She hurried inside and dropped her keys and bags again on the couch. “Jon?” she answered by silence.

She shrugged out her coat and made her way up the stairs, a soft glow leading her to the master bedroom. He must be reading and resting. Finally.

She stopped at the door frame as her eyes went wide, her hand slapped against her mouth. She never expected this.

The room was dotted with tea light candles that made the room glow with a soft amber. Jon, was sprawled across his Californian King, a sheet slung low across belly. Propped up against the pillows with his arms folded behind his back his left brow arched matching the devilish grin that spread across his lips.

“Welcome home”

Her hand reached for her throat, not sure whether it was to make sure her heart didn’t leap from it. His body was all there, exactly the way her hands remember it. Every muscle definition visible in the candlelight.

“Take your clothes off Lily, you know you want to” he patted the empty space beside him.

She reached for her buttons on her shirt and walked forward kicking off her boots “Damn right I do”


Anonymous January 10, 2009 at 12:15 PM  

You so did not stop there! Will Jon be able to stay awake though? LOL

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