>> Tuesday, December 16, 2008

She popped the cap off her coffee and took a long sip. The snow was still as thick as a blanket out there, looking like something directly from a Hallmark holiday card. The latest weather forecast had promised that it would ease so there was hope she’d be getting off the ground in a couple of hours.

She gathered her things and bustled over to a spare table in the corner and dumped down everything fishing for her laptop in her carry on. She flipped it open and switched it on. Rubbing her temples with the tips of her finger she sighed.
God, I just want to get out of here. I want to see him.

“You ok dear?” she looked up at the kind green eyes of the elderly woman that was lowering herself into the chair at the table next to her. Rugged up in colourful wool she was an advert for winter all over.

She smiled “I’m fine, just frustrated…” she looked around at the mills of people all standing around in limbo “just like everyone else”.

“Off home?” she asked pulling out her book and stirring her tea in the blue and white regulated Styrofoam cups the airport supplied.

Lily shook her head “No, to New York to surprise my boyfriend for Christmas, well trying to” she said quickly tapping her login into the keys.

The lines at the side of the ladies eyes crinkles as she smiled “That’s very sweet, he’s very lucky to have you I can tell already”

Lily chuckled “I don’t know about that but yeah, he’s pretty special to me” it surprised Lily how easily she talked about Jon to a complete stranger. Those knots in her belly twisted tighter at the thought. She totally was into him.

“Well that’s great dear, he’ll be over the moon to see you I’m sure” she said bringing her tea to her lips.

“I hope so, where are you off to?” Lily asked

“Just back to San Francisco where my daughter and grandchildren are. I’m spending a few weeks over there”

“That sounds wonderful”

She nodded “Ever since Bert died, she insists. And I love it. Who doesn’t want to spoil their grandchildren” she patted around her coat and pulled out her purse and handed Lily a photograph of three girls all in a row that couldn’t be anymore than between eight and fourteen.

“They are absolutely gorgeous, you must be so proud”

“Of course, they’re good kids.” She tucked her picture safely back in her purse.

Lily had opened her email and couldn’t help the smile spread across her face. Jon had emailed her since they spoke. She clicked open the message but frowned when it simply read.

All I want for Christmas is you.

“Sorry” she said to the woman.

“It’s ok dear. My daughter keeps telling me to learn how to use one of those things but I just prefer the old fashioned way of telephone and letters, was it something from him?” she asked.

Lily felt the blush in her cheeks deepen “That obvious huh?”

“Well the way your eyes danced and your face lit up brighter than the Christmas trees in here, I’d say it was obvious. He’s a lucky young man”

Lily laughed. No I’m he lucky one. “I just want to see him, we’ve not been going out that long and the living in different cities thing has been pretty tough….” She sighed curling her fingers over the edge of her laptop.

“You will get there dear, it’s meant to be” the call came over the loudspeaker and the woman looked up “Well that looks like me. We must be flying again” she smiled gathering her things.

“I hope so, have a nice Christmas and time with your family” Lily said going to lean over to help her with her bags but she waved her back.

“I will dear, and you have a wonderful time with that man. Make every moment count, because at sometime it will end” her smile was sadness mixed with gratitude.

“I promise I will” Lily said quietly “Take care” as she walked away Lily glanced up to the board, her flight still flashed delayed but it was in a long line of flights that needed to get out.

Guess I’m stuck here awhile at this rate. Shopping for a man like Jon had been no easy task. What did you buy the man that had everything? Then she saw the perfect thing, a Charcoal woollen coat that was perfect. So soft. Selfishly all she could imagine was herself being tucked into it, the soft wool pressing against her cheek. So she’d bought it. He’d love it. She was sure of it.

She hit reply on the email and typed back

Well have you been a good boy this year?

She hit send and got a surprise a second later when her laptop binged with the internal email instant messaging client.

Jon: I’m never good, you should know that by now LJ.

A smirk curled around her lips as she typed back her response.

Lily St James: Good, I like bad…..


Jon gripped his coffee and raised his eyebrow. He’d sat back down in his office, anything to keep his mind off wanting to get the hell out of here and over to Lily.

Jon: How bad?

He took a big gulp and nearly spluttered it out over his screen.

Lily St James: So bad you’ll have to punish me….

“Oh LJ” he chuckled.

Jon: You already know when I see you - you won’t be walking for a week right?

Her reply came back just as fast.

Lily St James: Is that a promise?

His heart beat quickened against his chest.

Jon : Always……. Soo what are you doing?

Lily St James : Wouldn’t you like to know.

Jon laughed leaning closer into the screen staring out the windows still vibrating against the winter wind. The weather hadn’t really improved at all and he still hadn’t heard from Jerry.

Jon : What are you wearing? Jon’s personal triumph was Lily had relaxed so much in his company since he’d met her. Usually so calm and collective on the outside when she was around him she was so much looser than she used to be. He didn’t mind that it was just around him. Infact he liked it that way. This was she was truly his Lily.

Lily St James: Far too many layers, wish you were here to change that….

“God so do I LJ, so do I” he mumbled hitting the keys again.

Jon: I’m cold.

Lily St James: Are you keeping warm and resting? He rolled his eyes.

Jon: Yes Mom *rolls eyes*

Lily St James: I know you Jon, you won’t stop till you drop

Jon shook his head at the words. Yes she did know him. It was surprising in such a short period of time how well she did. And he knew her. He knew how to rattle her cage, and when she needed someone. She’d never admit to that and Jon didn’t want her to. He was just pleased he knew when she needed him.

Jon: Well come and make me stop then...

Lily St James: Don’t tempt me….

Jon jumped as his cell phone vibrated on the table.


“Jon, we’re going to try in five hours, so come on down to JFK then. I’ll call if anything changes…we’ve got reports that Heathrow is pretty awful for landing though”

“Can we fly in somewhere else and I’ll get myself up to London somehow?” he asked.

“We can sort that out if it comes to it I’m sure, don’t worry boss we’ll try our best to get you to your little lady”

“Thanks Jerry, you know I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important. I know it’s so close to Christmas but I’ll make sure you and the family are well looked after” he said. He was always grateful for staff that pulled things off for him without any notice. And he was a family man he knew how important Christmas was.

“Thanks my man, you’re a saint see you then”

Lily St James: Jon, I need to go… I’ll be in touch ….

And then she was gone. Jon checked his watch, she was probably at work. So close yet still so far away. He just hoped he could get off the ground tonight to end this ridiculous waiting.


Tara December 17, 2008 at 12:10 AM  

Okay, so now it's a fight to the finish. Who gets off the ground first?

LOOOOVE the banter with these two. Both of them so excited to see one another and so sure that it will be the best surprise ever.

The chat was perfect. LOL Right on target to ratchet up the tension. Good on ya!

SoulGirl December 17, 2008 at 10:42 AM  

Thanks Tara ;) and thanks for designing my AMAZING layout, it's just perfffffeeeeect.

And yes...hehe... you know me tension R US.

Anonymous December 18, 2008 at 7:39 PM  

I LOVE your story of Lily and Jon. I read the Last Summer Nights & The Truth About London just a week or so ago and I have been craving more. I was so happy to find the new posts. Please keep the story going. I absolutely love it and your writing.
Thank you.

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