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"God Dammit!" Lily swore dumping her bags down looking up at the red blinking DELAYED flashing across the screen. It was the second time her flight had been delayed. She tugged her coat tighter around her and glanced outside to the small blizzard that was swirling around the airport.

This is what you get for a last minute dash across the world in mid December, just six days out from Christmas.

She straightened her scarf and blew her bangs out of her face. The flight to New York was delayed by an hour to see if the blizzard conditions improved.

Heathrow was already filled with angry holiday travellers who plans had been quashed by bad weather and tangled flight schedules. She was crazy, this is why she didn't just make decisions at the last minute with no planning. Jon had been gone weeks and commitments had kept him in New York longer than he anticipated.

With Christmas rolling around fast they'd both decided to wait till after the holiday season was over to attempt to travel again.

Lily was used to Christmas by herself in London, she'd often end up going to Claire's her assistant. And on the odd occasion her father had flown in to see her for a couple of days. It just hadn't been a big deal since her mother died. So why then last night after she hung up for Jon, the small ache in her heart got bigger? The one that longed for his smell of leather and soap and his touch on her skin. She clutched her middle as her belly twisted in knots and her skin sizzled at the memory of his hands all over her.

It had been five weeks. And she hated that she missed him so much. So last night when she'd again wrapped the sheets high around her body wishing it was the warmth and weight of him around her she made the decision. To get on a plane and go to New York to surprise him for Christmas.

That was the plan till now.

She jumped when her cell phone vibrated against her thigh buried deep in her coat pocket. She quickly fished around finding it connecting it to her ear.

"Hey gorgeous" even through the loud hustle of holiday travellers and the overhead speaker system his husky voice was unmistakable.

She moved away to try and block the noise away from the safe confines of a corner. "Hey" she grinned. His voice combined with the thought of seeing him in a handful of hours if she could get out of this airport was enough to spread the smile across her face.

"Where are you? Sounds awfully loud?" he asked.

She twisted a lock of her hair around her finger "Just at the shops Jon, you know how the Christmas rush can get. It's ruthless!" she exclaimed frowning as an impatient travellers bustled past her nearly knocking her off her feet.

"God do I what. Thankfully I am finished all my Christmas shopping... even yours" the proud smile in his voice evident.

"What did you get me? You didn't have to get me anything" she said. Who was she kidding? Gifts from the man she loved. What more could she want?

"Like I was ever not going to buy you anything” he chuckled "You'll just have to wait and see wont you. Till after Christmas"

Her smile grew broader. That's what you think, she thought to herself proudly. She stared out at the white blanket of snow and wished it was a white blanket of Jon "Is it snowing over there? It's blowing in here. It's just awful"

"Yeah, it's pretty cold here... we've just had an ice storm, took out a lot of power and ripped trees right down the middle" he said in between a sharp cough.

"Are you getting a cold?" she asked concerned.

"No, not me. I don't get sick. I'm fine, just a sniffle or two"

Lily rolled her eyes. Men. Just like her father. "Ok well keep warm then you don't want to be getting sick now"

"Relax, I'm good. I miss you though. I kind of think we should of rethought this whole not seeing each other until after Christmas, I miss you LJ"

LJ, it was that name he called her. The many times he'd leaned in and whispered it into her ear. His hot breath on her neck, and the sparkle in those blue eyes she slowly was coming to love. Just the words, sent the hairs on her neck pricking to attention. She melted in a puddle. The times he'd called her over the last few weeks, she'd been hip deep in work stressed out to hell. And then he'd call her LJ. And the world would disappear.

God damn she hated that. Melting her with one word.

She moved into the corner again, cupping the phone so he could hear her with no mistake "I miss you too. It will just be better when we do see each other. I promise"

He sighed down the phone "I know, you're right. Oh god, I better go Jesse and Steph are expecting me to take them Christmas shopping"

She chuckled, it was still hard to believe that this man had two teenagers. Probably because she hadn't been part of that life yet. He'd always update her on what the latest thing Stephanie wanted or the latest game Jesse was begging him to buy him. Admittedly it was one thing that she had her reserved by going. What if he didn't want them to meet her? She stuffed those feelings away "I bet that they do. Well give me a call later if you want" she said.

"Sure I will, I'll be a little MIA tonight but I'll try and call... keep warm" he said.

"You too" she snapped her phone shut and looked back up to the board. God she hoped that the snow would clear soon. She just wanted to get there. She just wanted to see him.


Across the other side of the world in New York Jon slipped his phone back into his back jeans pocket and grinned. He clicked close his suitcase, she had no idea. No idea he was planning to fly to London in just a few hours. He smoothed his jacket across the case ready.

When they’d decided to wait until after Christmas to do this, he’d thought it was the best thing. His life had been so busy with charity dinners and work for the foundation he’d not much time for anything else. Except her.

He rubbed his temples, the dull ache up his neck creeping into his head as he took in a sneeze. God, he didn’t need a fucking cold right now. He didn’t get sick and if he did, he certainly didn’t stop.

He popped his knuckles and grinned. She was something. Something he hadn’t expected to find this soon but fuck if she wasn’t amazing. He’d spent sleepless nights curled around his pillow wishing it was the mango coconut scent of her instead of the floral scent of Snuggle.

He’d already bought her Christmas present weeks ago, seeing it staring back at him from a jewellery designer’s window downtown. It was perfect and she was going to love it. Along with various other things, Women were meant to be spoiled right? Woman like his Lily.

The decision to go to London was easy, except he’d had to run past the kids first. Surprisingly they had been ok with it and with the promise of a week’s holiday in Disneyland when he got back.

Now he just had to get there. The weather had been pretty horrendous and numerous flights had been cancelled or grounded till further notice.

He mulled around the apartment a little longer, making sure all his affairs were in order for his departure.

His cell phone shrilled so he flipped it open tucking it under his ear.

“Hi Jerry” he said spying the caller ID. His pilot.

“Hey Boss, listen we’re probably not going to get out of JFK on time. Fog and Ice are causing massive delays they’re saying most flights are being delayed three to four hours”

He pinched the bridge of his nose “Shit, really?” he sighed.

“Well I guess we can’t exactly do a lot except wait it out. I have time so it’s ok” he let out a long cough before sucking back his breath. Jesus Christ. His lungs felt like they had glass embedded inside them.

“I’ll keep you updated, but until now no need to get out here ok boss?” he asked.

“Thanks Jerry I’ll sit tight till you give the word” he said.

“Dammit” he swore. There was no real need to panic he had time, it was still days out until Christmas. But he’d already prepared himself to feel her silky skin against his. Oh well, he’d just have to wait.


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