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Lily scraped the hangers across as she browsed the racks filled with lace, satin and silk all in assorted colors. She'd been to the market and stocked up on cold supplies for Jon and now she'd passed La Perla on her way home and couldn't resist a little look. Lily always had a soft spot for good lingerie. But it wasn't until now she was more aware of what she wore, when someone else would be seeing it.

She held out a French maids outfit and half entertained the idea of getting it but shook her head chuckling hanging it back on the rack. Who was she kidding? She was more a classic girl.

She spent half an hour in the store before selecting her purchases and making her way back to the apartment. Letting herself in with the key and access Jon gave her slipped into the dimly lit living room. "Jon?" she asked looking around but there was just the light whir coming from the kitchen above the silence.

Well he must have been a good boy and actually gone to bed.
She shrugged off her coat feeling the centralized warm air engulf her. Thank god he'd been sensible enough to keep the place warm. Kicking her boots off, she snuck up the stairs and found his bedroom. Again plain browns and greens stretched out in a masculine room. He'd settled her bags beside one side of the Californian king which held the Jon sized lump strewn across the pillows. She grinned as she sat down on her side, her side? It seemed weird that they'd fitted so easily with each other. The nervous trembles she once got around him had stopped and been replaced with flutters in her belly.

Until they got close.

She pushed back his bright blond hair with her hand as he slept, his skin was like fire against hers. She shook her head "You're burning up. I'm going to have to fix that" she lifted herself back off the bed and still he didn't stir.

She grabbed one of the bags with her purchases and took a long shower. She was beat, with all the excitement, the time difference was slowly sneaking up on her.

After changing into the pink baby doll she snuck back down the stairs and prepared the chicken soup that she'd snagged from the deli with some fresh bread and orange juice. With enough for two she balanced the tray and walked back to the bedroom creeping in and settling down the tray on the mahogany bedside table top.

“Jon” she whispered pushing back his hair and stroking her fingertips down his neck.

He cracked his eyes open and she felt the groan rumble against her hand from his throat. He tried to shift upwards so she pushed up the pillows under him to prop him up.

He squinted and rubbed his temples. He still felt like a truck was screaming through his head but his eyes slowly focused on the cotton candy delight in front of him.

“This new?” he asked running his fingers along the silk. It fell just above her knees, leaving miles of creamy skin of her legs to show. The thin straps barely cupped her breasts in place. The stirrings from beneath the sheets had started with the not so gentle reminder that they hadn’t been together in nearly six weeks.

She nodded as he dragged his index finger all the way down her arm. “You like?” she chuckled as his face fell into the Are you kidding me look?
“Ok stupid question, there’s more but I’m waiting till you’re feeling better to enjoy it, and have eaten”

His hands cupped her hips trying to shift her closer to him “I’m feeling better now...” he nosed the silk just above her knees pressing his lips against the skin of her thighs.

“Jon” the heat of him was about all she was able to take. Her fingers twisted through his blond hair, and her heart quickened in her chest.
“Mmm” he smiled into her skin inching higher, scraping his lips across the inside of her thigh.

She leaned back, her head hitting the pillows till the rough cough against her skin made her sit back up “Ok, as much as I want to do this you need to eat and rest so you’re going to be doing that” he rested his cheek against her knee and grumbled.

“What was that?” she asked her brow arching.

With a huff of breath he sat back up and sank into the pillows “Ok mom”

“You so did not just call me that” she teased. God he was acting like a five year old boy. “My mother was right, when my men are as sick they are babies”.

“I just wanted to... you know it’s been weeks LJ... weeks” he said. She moved the tray to him as he sat up and rested it on his knees.

“I know, but I’m not going anywhere, and in a few days you’ll be feeling better. I promise” she shook her head at the poor attempt to taste the soup.

“Jon” she warned.

“Alright, alright. I’m eating it, it’s hot you know so I was just letting it cool down” he defended with a lopsided grin.

“Sure Bongiovi, sure... now eat” she pushed her straps up on her shoulders firmly and leaned back beside him on the bed closing her eyes just for a second.

“Tired?” he asked spooning his soup slowly into his mouth.

“Mmm a little, just the day catching up on me that’s all. Airports at Christmas time, not my favourite thing” she crossed her arms over her chest. She heard the tinker of the spoon on the bowl before he spoke again.

“God no, why do you think I have my own private jet?” he asked.

“Because you can” Lily mumbled sleepily.

Jon snorted “Damn right I can. Sooo..... What else did you buy?” he asked looking over at the bags resting on her luggage.

“You’ll have to wait and see” she said satisfied.

“My Christmas Present?” he asked hopefully.

She cracked her eyes open to find two blue ones looking expectantly back at her “What makes you think you deserve one?”

“Just one?” his brow shot up his head.

She slapped his thigh “You’re a shit. You know that don’t you?”

“You love me anyway, admit it” he grinned as he licked the end of the spoon.

She tried to pull her face back to a frown but it was unsuccessful as the smile spread on her lips. “Maybe I do, we’ll see” she said settling herself back into the bed and closing her eyes.

She did need to organize his present. It was on the “to do list”. Him being sick may be a blessing as she’d easily be able to slip out tomorrow and down to Manhattan to the store she’d researched a little on the web.

With the new Soul season looming, which Jon had been talking nonstop about ant time he could. She’d thought about a leather jacket for those nights training she just knew he wouldn’t stop himself from going along. One thing she’d learnt is that Jon never did anything in half measures. He had to be involved in everything he was invested in.

Jon placed the tray with the empty bowl and glass back on his bedside table and hit the pillows. He turned on his side and watched her. Sometimes he couldn’t really believe he’d found someone again so quickly after Dot when he swore he was over women forever. But Lily was different. She was so independent, in some ways more than Dot ever was. She wasn’t the type to swoon over him. And that’s what made it fun.

“So what is it?” he asked tucking his hands behind his head.

“Jon!” she exclaimed. “You’re worse than a kid... you just have to wait. It’s not that many days to go. I’m sure you can do it” she teased rolling on her side to face him. She walked her fingers up along the faded blue t-shirt he’d changed into until they reached his neck.

“What am I getting?” she asked.

Jon chuckled tilting his head to look down at her and narrowing his eyes. “A good spanking” he burst out laughing at the look of horror on her face before wrapping one arm around her to tuck her in closely. She was too easy.


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