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“What do you mean you’ve got no more flights?” Lily snapped at the lady behind the counter who already looked like she had come to her wits end. She’d been patient until now. The flight had been cancelled in a long stream of back log. The snow had stopped and it had started to clear, yet her flight had been cancelled. She couldn’t believe this.

She slapped the ticket down on the counter “This is a flexi ticket which means if the flight is cancelled you have to find me a new one” Calm down it’s not her fault. She’s just doing her job and her job would be hideous today.

The woman picked up her Lily’s ticket and nodded “I know m’am but we’ve just got no flights to put you on. You’ll have to go on a waiting list”

Lily rolled her eyes and curled her fingers around the edge of the counter. Pride was about to be thrown out the window. She bit down on her lip and breathed in

“Look. I’m sorry for snapping. I really just want to get to New partner is there and I haven’t seen him in six weeks” she said quietly. She hated to do it but what other card did she play? She was desperate to see Jon more than she cared to admit.

The lady smiled and nodded “Ok look I’ll see what I can do Ms St James, I’ll try but no promises”

“Thank you” Lily whispered. She watched the lady scan through the computer and make some calls. She dug her hands into her coat pockets and closed her eyes. She’d had her heart dead set on getting over there now and if she didn’t she’d be sorely disappointed.

“You’re in luck I just had a cancellation for the five o clock out. You’re booked in there now, I’ll just need your passport to confirm you” she said.

She sighed feeling the weight fall from her chest “Oh god, thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means...” Lily fished for her passport and handed it to the woman.

She chuckled “I think with that look on your face I do...he’s special to you?”

Lily nodded “Yes he is...he doesn’t know I’m coming it’s a surprise”

She closed her passport and handed it back to her “Well he’s going to be lucky...Merry Christmas Ms St James” she smiled.


Jon slammed the cab door shut as he arrived at the International Terminal;,he grabbed his bag and headed indoors. The icy wind whipped around his face as he tugged his scarf tighter around his neck. His eye twitched as he rubbed his neck, the pain from his head radiating to there. God he felt like crap but he was going. Least he had his own private jet to die on through the journey.

He lurched forward when the cough rattled through his lungs “God dammit” he spluttered as the blast of heat hit him from inside the terminus. It had been at least three hours since he’d heard from Lily. It was mid evening over there and she’d always at least send him a text message if she was held up somewhere but her phone had been switched off for all that time too. He should know, he’d only tried every twenty minutes. Oh well, I’ll be there soon enough.

The sea of people in the airport around holiday times was never a surprise but the delayed messages flashing on the big screen were. The weather it seemed had put out a lot of people. Shit.

He made his way to the private check in, and then the next task was to see what the state of play was with the flights.

“Good day Mr Bon Jovi” the attendant looked up to his screen and frowned.

“What? What is it?” he asked.

“It looks like we’re not flying any private flights out of here for the next couple of days... we’re back logged as it is with domestic and international flights and they need to take priority”

Jon rubbed his forehead “Aw hell...” he scrunched his nose before letting the sneeze shake his body. Yep, the jackhammer in his head was awake again.

“Are you sure we can’t get out at all?” he asked wincing. Shit, he needed some meds.

“I’d have to check with Airport control. The option is we could find you a spare seat on a commercial flight. If there are any left since flights have been cancelled we’re still juggling... it’s pretty tight...” he trailed off.

The sensible Jon knew he should just accept it and go home, hell go home to bed for a couple of days and then try again in a few days to get out which would have him landing on her just in time for Christmas. But it was risky.

The stubborn get his own way Jon leaned over the counter “Can you please find out if there is anything we can do. I need to get out there.” He said. He’d already psyched himself up to see her and it was too a point he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Sir, there are hundreds of people in your position and they don’t have the choice of a private jet – they’ll be thankful just to get out of here tonight” he said tapping on the keyboard.

Jon wiped his nose with the back of his hand and nodded. He had no problems flying commercial. It was the fact his head felt like it was being squashed in a vice, and the thought of being stuck on a plane for eight hours with a few hundred people that didn’t really appeal to him.

He sighed “Ok, I know. I’m sorry I’m pushing if you could check or put us on standby so if there is a gap...” he said sadly.

“If you don’t mind waiting in the lounge I’ll see what we can do Mr Bon Jovi” he said.

Jon looked at his name badge and patted him on the shoulder “Thank you Josh, I appreciate all your help. Merry Christmas” he picked up his bag which usually he could manage. But the dull ache in his shoulders made it feel like a one tonne anvil.

Two hours later he was lying in the first class lounge strewn across one of the plush couches, waiting. Jerry had been trying his hardest to get them out but it just didn’t look good. He was waiting one more hour before he gave up. He was resigned to the fact he needed to get some meds and go home to bed.

He flipped his phone open and tried Lily again, and to his surprise it rang this time. He sighed and pulled his arm across his eyes and waited.

“Hello?” he could hardly hear her with all the commotion in the background.

“Lily? It’s me” he said trying to sit up.

There was a loud crackling before she came back “Sorry I just had to get away from the crowds. Hey you.....”

He scratched his head, god his glands under his chin were starting to freakin ache as well.

“Hey...where are you?”

“Just out shopping you know how it is, sorry I didn’t realise I had my phone off... are you ok? You sound awful honey” the concern in her voice coming through.

He closed his eyes and sighed “Oh LJ, I feel like crap.. And I tried so hard... but I don’t know if its going to work” he said sadly. He dug his fingers into his knee. Might as well tell her.

“What’s not going to? Tried hard at what Jon?” she asked. He could just picture her, god he wanted to hold her touch her...but fuck if the stupid weather was going to stop that happening anytime soon.

“I’m at the airport Lily, I was trying to fly out to come and see you but the flights are just manic and they won’t allow any—“ he cleared his lungs with the fluid that was building in there “Private flights and fucked if I’m flying commercial feeling like this”

There was silence on the end of the line.


“You were going to come here? Oh Jon...that’s terribly sweet”

“Aw well you know I want to see you and just thought we could try and have Christmas together but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get there on time”

“Honey, I wish you could. God I miss you so much...but you need to look after yourself. Go get some meds from the pharmacy up there and go home to bed... promise me that. Maybe I can try and see what I can do from this end?” she asked.

He groaned. She was right. He was a wreck and needed to be home in bed. God dammit.
“Ok, can I call you when I’m in bed at least?”

“You better... I want to know you’re there safe and sound and resting k?”

“Ok I’ll call you soon LJ”

Lily snapped her phone shut and grinned. She pulled at her case dragging it across the International Terminal at JFK Airport and couldn’t help the small smile that played at the corner of her mouth. He was going to fly over and see her? To surprise her? She knew then she was truly lucky, not just for Jon but for the delays getting him off the ground. Jesus Christ. She chuckled to herself at the near disaster that could have been, him there and her there.

She straightened her coat and raked her fingers quickly through her hair. Her heart pounded in her chest at the thought she was about to finally see him again.


TaraLeigh December 19, 2008 at 1:06 AM  

Well--at least he didn't get on a plane. Then where would they be?

Jon stuck in England, Lily stuck in America!

So sweet that Jon is dead sick, but willing to do anything to get there though. *sigh*

Of course if I was sitting NEXT to him on the plane I'd have killed him. LOL

After I freaked out that it was JBJ of course.

Anonymous January 2, 2009 at 6:44 AM  

I hope you keep the Jon & Lily story going.
I love your writing.

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