>> Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jon dragged his feet to the ground. Sagging his head for a second he lifted himself up and grabbed his bag. He did need to get home and into bed. He fished for his cell phone as he walked out of the lounge and made his way to the exit of the terminal.

“Hey Jerry, look I’m going to give up on this one...we won’t get out and truthfully. I’m sick as a dog and need to get home.”

“Alright boss, you don’t want to try and go in a couple of days?”

Jon grinned. He was a lucky man, anyone he had business dealings with always remained loyal and would do anything he asked. “No Jerry, we’re going to leave it. You have Christmas with your family. I’m not making you miss that one ok?”

“Thanks boss, if you need me later on just let me know. I’m sorry we couldn’t make it”
“No problems at all now go home, I’m sure as hell on my way. Merry Christmas” he flipped it shut and tucked it in his back jeans pocket. He was halfway to the doors when he tried to squint away the headache and realised he needed to get some meds. He’d promised Lily he would. He walked towards the pharmacy and stopped a few metres when a familiar figure was standing with their hands in their pockets. His heart drummed against his chest at the sight.

Her baby pink woollen coat wrapped around her snugly, her crisp blond hair tumbled down over her shoulders. Lily? It couldn’t be. Hell...he picked up the pace and as he got closer the wider the smile on his face spread. It was really her.

He dropped his bag and scooped her into his arms pressing her head against her chest and sighed. The cold weather held nothing over the summery fragrance of coconuts he inhaled. It was really her. “How did on earth did you get here?” he asked stunned pulling her back in his arms locking his eyes with hers.

God he looked and smelt good. His cashmere was soft against her skin and he smelled like warm spice and delicious man. She looked up into his eyes, the rings dug deep around them and his cheeks were flush.

She cupped her hand against his cheek “I flew silly... to surprise you evidently” she grinned rubbing her thumb along his jaw line.

He leaned in pressing his lips to her, he couldn’t hold back not tasting her any longer. His fingers slid around her neck and into her hair. “I have missed you so much”.

She didn’t get a chance to respond as he drank from her, her hands slid to his coat and her fingers curled around the lapels pulling him closer. Finally she stood back “Merry Christmas” she whispered into his lips.
He pushed back her hair from her face and shook his head “I can’t believe you’re really here. This is the best present ever”
She popped the buttons on his coat and slid her hands inside to his warmth “Soo then let’s get you some medicine and get you home then huh?” she asked as their foreheads pressed.

“I’ve got all I need right here” his eyes were glassy and his nose was a little chaffed.

“Suuurre come on” she said pulling away and linking her hand in his as they took their luggage into the pharmacy. Jon bought some Dayquil and Nyquil before they caught a cab and headed back into the city.

He pulled her in close in the back seat of the cab and rested his head against hers closing his eyes. “I hate being sick” he moaned.

She chuckled “Most men do – but don’t worry I’m going to take care of you...” she said ruffling his hair. She was just glad to me here against his warmth.

He leaned towards her and his lips found her ear “And then I’m going to take care of you LJ... in all the right ways”

A shiver tickled down her skin and her eyes flicked up to his as she kissed him lightly.

“Promise?” His eyes narrowed and the small smirk she adored twitched on his lips.

“Oh I promise” Another kiss.

When the cab pulled up to the apartment complex slicing through the downtown traffic he climbed out of the cab and held his hand out for her.

She took it and stepped out herself out before dusting her coat lightly. “Well least it’s not snowing here, Jesus its coming down back home” she said as she pulled her scarf tighter.

He reached up and tucked her hair behind her ear before pulling her close again for a long kiss “I’m so glad you got here...and I can’t believe you did this” he mumbled onto her lips.

“Jon we need to pay the driver—“

“I don’t care. I want to kiss you” and he did again. His hot mouth on hers threatened to swallow the very life from her.

She finally pulled away her head was starting to spin. The heat between them had intensified since last time. Maybe it was just the cold weather. He leaned over her and handed the driver some bills before he grabbed his bag and the handle of her suitcase.

“So – you’ve got options... the Hilton is just down there or the Four Seasons is just around the corner” he said pointing down the road with a nonchalant look across his face.

She looked at him, her brow creasing “What?” she asked confused before she chuckled shaking her head and smacking him on the arm.

“Very funny mister”

“Ow...” he clutched his arm in a poor effort to look hurt.

She tucked in her scarf to her coat “I should stay there. It’d teach you a lesson”

Jon’s lips curled as he leant it “You wouldn’t be able to resist me... lying in bed knowing just down the street I was all naked in my bed... waiting for you...” his hands slipped onto her coat and up her sides.

She closed her eyes, his hot breath on the icy air was taking her to places she’d missed so much. She jerked open when he sneezed and bellowed over in a deep cough.

She laughed “Yeah I’m sure I really couldn’t resist that right now” she said screwing up her nose.

He held up his hand “I’m alright, I’m alright” he made his way into the building.

She had no idea what to expect, having never been in his apartment before. “Here let me take that” she said going to take her case he was struggling with.

“I’m fine” he said tugging it into the lobby to the lift. She shook her head and laughed. God,Men.

“Ohh the penthouse huh?” she asked when he twisted his key into the lift and thumbed the P on the panel.

“Like you needed to ask” he winked.

The doors pinged open and he unlocked the doors to his place “Welcome home” he held out his hand gesturing her in before him.

She strolled in and dumped her purse down on the couch. The living area was all open plan with windows stretching out around for miles. The furniture was classic, and the decor matched in plain light browns and whites.

“Nice place, the view is amazing” she looked over to the staircase that inched upwards.

“Two floors?” she asked cocking her brow.

Jon left the bags and took her hand “Sure is, come on I’ll show you” they walked up the stairs to where the bedrooms where and another living area that opened out to a spacious rooftop deck.

“Holy hell... this is gorgeous” she said pressing her palm against the French doors to the sprawling deck area.

“Glad you think so...” he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and buried his face in her hair.

“I’ve got one concern though” he whispered letting his hands slide under her top feeling her warm skin against his.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head back reaching back to ruffle his hair “And that is?”

“Your bag is very light... I hope you’re planning on shopping up a storm as you’re not going home until I’m good and finished with you” he nosed her hair away from her neck and grazed his lips down the long line of it.

“Jon...” god the spot between her thighs was starting to pulse. For him.

“I mean it you’re staying till at least after New Year’s ok?” he asked.

She couldn’t even muster the thought to disagree with him. His touch was like fire licking at her skin. “Ok” she murmured.

The moment was soon stilted by the sharp cough against her neck, so she pulled away and twisted to face him.

“You need to take that medicine and get into bed ok? I’ll run out and get you some soup...and who knows maybe I’ll stop at a lingerie store on my way” she said running her finger down his nose.

He growled. She drove him crazy. His eyelids were growing heavier as much as he hated to admit defeat he needed to rest “Promise?” he asked letting his hands slide over the curve of her ass.

She nodded kissing him on the nose “Promise”


Anonymous December 24, 2008 at 8:29 PM  

Looking forward to reading the rest :)

Anonymous December 28, 2008 at 2:56 AM  

Just great! Looking forward to the next one!

Maxine :-)

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